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The Client

COAX Software had been on the market for more than ten years. The COAX Team had earned a solid reputation for delivering complex software solutions for many businesses in the construction industry. Positive reviews and careful screening of available options led our new client, Site Survey, to turn to us for solutions.

Site Survey is an app that enables property professionals to produce detailed photographic Schedules of Conditions quickly. These reports are factual records that are typically created for legal or other contractual obligations. Creating these accurate documents significantly reduces inspection time, produces high-quality, accurate information, and reduces manual administration of photos.

The Challenge

The COAX Design Team accepted the challenge presented by Site Survey and walked through creating the app as it stepped through the subsequent phases of development. Requirements were that the new application provides solutions to these current issues facing the client with its existing platform:

  • Inconvenient manual data collection.
  • Large amounts of manual data accumulation.
  • No centralized data storage.
  • Organized members experience inaccessibility of gathered inspection data.
  • No regulated data structuring process.
ipad app create a new survey interface screen
ipad app choose the option to add section interface screen

Solution Planned

COAX delivered solutions to the client. We reviewed components within the current application to develop solutions to the client's needs. Areas we chose to concentrate on improved solutions were:

  • Speed up the process of data collection.
  • Allow for management insight into construction specifications.
  • Automates reporting mechanisms.
  • Advance teamwork on construction projects.
Site Survey logo

New Product Overview

Our client's main goal was to automate survey procedures and realize a fully automated report management tool. Site Survey is a fast-growing company. It needed to expand its development capabilities and speed up the product creation process.

Site Survey chose COAX Software as their technology partner for several reasons; however, the primary justification for their choice was because the COAX Team has significant expertise in web software development.

The COAX Team has strong development capabilities. COAX Software uses intelligent design to implement incredible web and mobile-based applications. For this client’s purposes, the mobile app is also dedicated to comprehensive data collecting in offline mode.

The COAX Development Team walked through the development process to handle a variety of tasks.

  • The COAX Development Team walked through the development process to handle a variety of tasks.
  • Initiate access to building plans, sector names, and identifiers.
  • We enhanced the photo editing tools.
  • Realize and develop a solution for uploading building plans in pdf formats.
  • Review sectors tools in a building plan with sector identifiers and names.
Site Survey Building plan screenshot
Site Survey inspect mode screenshot

Difficult Tasks Solved

There were main challenges in product development that the COAX Team created innovative solutions for during product development.

  • Creating the algorithms required for uploading, editing, and mapping sections of building plans.
  • Develop offline storage of construction specifications.
  • Online synchronization of gathered inspection data in a single mobile application.
Site Survey Building plan screenshot
Site Survey Sections Overview screenshot

Results Delivered

COAX Software was able to deliver a fully automated report management tool with the required expanded functionality. The new application includes:

  • Authorization features for the project or organization manager.
  • Sector defects toolset.
  • Inspection status manager.
  • Inspection report tools.

The application allows Site Survey users improved time to market due to fast scaling and new functionality, including communication with skilled technical experts.

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