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Our experience shows that business owners prefer cross-platform applications focused on getting the most value in the least time. If you're one of them, your attention is worthy of React Native. React native app development is the most popular method of development today.

We get the most out of the capabilities of React Native to create excellent products

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Implementing your business idea with React Native Development Company

On-time delivery

React Native will save up to 35 percent on the development process due to its lean code base (compared with other frameworks). That's much quicker than the vast majority of current technologies. Saving time is saving money and the opportunity to start your solution quickly

Scalable in every move

React Native is a super flexible platform that can operate and save time on the implementation phase with the increased load. Whether you have a small website or a massive e-commerce store, it will operate flawlessly. It's a reliable technology that's not going to let your money and time go in vain

Being professional

We make the most of the technology and use React Native to create market solutions that can work very efficiently. Furthermore, we sharpened our skills step by step, project by project, before we became true experts in our profession. Use react native development, and your business will grow.

React Native gives you strong pre-built features to quickly launch your app

React native development is the most demanded type of development. Despite being a relatively new technology, React Native, among other common frameworks, has gained a positive reputation. Allowing the development of cross-platform apps provides many benefits besides that. React Native is a chance to build 'out of the box' tech solutions. For complex mobile apps, this open source, cross-platform technology is perfect. The creation of React Native Mobile is crucial for the business to expand, stay competitive and satisfy users' needs by offering online services. Our react native app development company will help you with that.

To be competitive in business, you should consider a mobile application where your service or product can be offered and sold. It comes to mind, but also bothers, the issue of what technology to use and how to create an app. We are happy to support you with the search for the best solution as a native app development business. We will clarify how a project should be started and provide you with the knowledge that you should know. If such a strong percentage of those who love Respond Native, it clearly means an increasing need for this programming language.

For cross-platform app development, React Native is used. It ensures quicker and lower-cost mobile development on Android and iOS. For those who are interested in Android and iOS application development, we offer to see our React Native development company services.

Senior Developers

Minimum Experience

Established React Native Solutions

The experts in React Native Development and React Native app Developers

Does your company need a proprietary mobile solution? Often, the simplest solution, such as React Native, is always the safest. A JavaScript framework for creating native mobile apps is React Native.

You don't develop a web application or a cross-platform app, but you create an almost identical application, complete with components and APIs, to the actual native application. A rich mobile UI from the declarative components results in the output. Here is the best part; it will speed up deployment along a simple path to market using React Native development system with shared JavaScript code and reuse across multiple platforms.

What's more, since your solution for React Native is standardized across all platforms and devices, maintenance is effortless, reducing versioning and cost overhead.

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React Native App Development Services

Today, many companies offer different types of development. The latest technologies and techniques allow us to create an outstanding project in the shortest possible time.

What do you need to know to have the best application among competitors?

First of all, it is to decide on the type and type of application. What is the application, its purpose, and approximate design? Next, find a good company that could create such an application. You need to choose carefully, read reviews, and perhaps ask friends for advice about the company. Only experienced developers can create the perfect app for you. Coax Software has such specialists.

React native application development is used by many companies. COAX Software offers such react native app development services: Reactive Native Application Development, Reactive Native IOS and Android Applications, Consulting, UI/UX Design, Support and Maintenance Services. Our services are qualitative. We guarantee the best result of development.

Solutions we build with React Native

IOS Development

IOS mobile development is extremely beneficial to companies. iOS has more than 80% of the market for mobile services, which is primarily driven by iPhone and iPad app growth.

COAX is an iOS app development company that creates custom solutions and ensures complete security, quick performance, and efficient project management. IOS react native development is a major part of general development.

Android Development

Our Android app development company assists clients from all over the world who want to start developing mobile apps for their businesses. COAX provides Android software development services for both iOS and Android devices.

We've shown how mobile apps can improve sales, multiply revenue, and earn a strong reputation for businesses based on our experience. It enables us to highlight a number of advantages of Android production for ventures. COAX Software **react native mobile app development has perfect results. Our react native application development services are extensive. Just choose what you want and call us.

Integrate your business

Custom APIs or 3rd party integrations are implemented by our practitioners, covering social networks, payment systems, mapping systems, CRMs, and business tools.

Google and other text companies link to Ruby on Rails which link to Coax Software

Custom API development

We are improving our projects' different human capabilities by integrating new technologies and internal tools.

3rd party integration

COAX react native development company can make an excellent project. The development team of COAX, can integrate virtually any API into your application, including legacy SOAP ones. Our custom integration solutions leave external API calls outside the main request/response flow, ensuring ultimate performance and enriching the necessary 3D party data for web applications, delivering timely results that your users expect. So, use our react native development services for any of your projects.



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Recognized by the industry

We are proud to be in the Top 20 React Native App Development Companies

What are the benefits of using React Native for app development?

Application creation speed

The app development process is sooner with React Native. As a result, the client won't wait too long for the finished project.

Application publishing

The last and final step is publishing the app to MarketPlace. Publishing took a long time before React Native creation. But recently, it could make this process easier.

  • Website operation without internet connection

If there is no Internet connection, the site or application will continue its work without losing speed.

  • SEO friendly

Websites created with React Native are SEO friendly. Search engines can find such websites much faster than those websites that were not built with React. Accordingly, the number of visits will be high. As a result, the site will become popular among readers.

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What is React Native Used for?

This is a framework that helps to create mobile applications. The developer produces apps based on JavaScript using React Native. Moreover, with it technology it is possible to provide an application including IOS and Android OS.

What apps are built with React Native?

You probably use applications built with React Native every day. Among them, there are such popular social networks as Facebook, Instagram. And a program with which you can communicate via video – Skype.

How different is React Native from React?

React Native and React have some differences. React is a JavaScript library that builds applications. It uses the components required to create interfaces even without the internet. It was invented much earlier than React Native. And React Native is a platform based on React. It is focused on the development of cross-platform mobile applications using only JavaScript. Using this platform, developers produce applications on Android and IOS.

Our success stories

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Smart Bat

E-commerce website, which allows customers to purchase building materials and products on a personal dashboard.

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Our сlients say

For almost 10 years now, I’ve enjoyed working with COAX Software on various projects. Their team of highly-talented, cross-functional software engineers and architects helps us meet development timelines quickly and reliably.

Joe Heenan

CEO, Proteineer

In working with COAX, we found them to be highly professional and have continued our ongoing relationship and cooperation with COAX on this project thanks to the ongoing support they continue to offer us. We have complete confidence that they will continue to be a responsible development partner.

Ashley Greenfelder

director of the Re:Plan

The team followed a clear direction and had an open-minded approach to creating a solution. The standard of the design is of a very high standard with a model that can be clearly presented to all current and future stakeholders.

George Johnson

From the first day, the COAX team established themselves as optimistic. After the guys spent a dozen hours sorting out our problems and never once talked about money, we realized that this team was ready to go the extra mile.

We were finally convinced of the prospects for cooperation when the COAX CTO came to our British office in person with a detailed presentation of the renovation. You will not often find such an approach in the outsourcing development market

Richard Murray

CEO at Antique Ecommerce Marketplace

I was delighted by COAX Software’s attention to detail and ability to deliver such a complex project. COAX’s team is second to none designing, developing, and deploying websites. I highly recommend COAX to anyone looking for a reliable and talented web development team.

Mason Blake

Co-founder and CTO at Ratio

We really liked working with COAX in the discovery phase very much! The team is great and very professional. By always asking the right questions, it helps guide the process in a clear direction and makes working together very efficient and successful.

Michael Dunphy

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