Automotive software development

Our competencies in the automotive industry go beyond connectivity, telematics, and developing backend. We apply cutting edge technologies like machine learning, IoT, and blockchain to develop efficient automotive solutions.

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See our competencies in building automotive software

Navigation software. We build navigation software, car positioning, and map integrations with user-friendly UX and convenience in mind.

Embedded in-vehicle solutions. Our embedded automotive solutions provide an intuitive user interface and ensure resilient and stable hardware support

Car safety software. Our software that connects car emergency systems with embedded hardware like sensors saves lives and prevents car crashes.

Backend systems. We create backend systems that connect vehicles with software, Big Data platforms, etc., ensuring stable work and security.

Connectivity and telematics. We seamlessly connect vehicle metrics, like speed and obstacles, with hardware to improve safety on the road and give drivers access to required data.

NFC solutions. With our NFC solutions, drivers access vehicles securely. We employ state-of-the-art technologies to ensure fast responses and vulnerability-proof solutions.

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