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9 cross-functional experts
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Started October 2022, ongoing
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We’re currently working on a comprehensive web and mobile solution for an ambitious international bus operator aiming to stand out from the competition. The solution makes life easier for all the client’s passengers, drivers, and operators by streamlining business processes and providing a superior passenger experience. 

The client

GrandBus is an international bus services operator. Their commitment to passenger safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction ensures that every journey on their premium buses is comfortable and enjoyable.

The request

GrandBus approached us with a specific need — to develop efficient bus ticket booking software allowing passengers to purchase tickets online more easily than from any other major operator and help employees manage bus routes efficiently. 

Their goals for this project were to:

  • be able to sell bus tickets online in Europe and Ukraine directly
  • increase brand awareness by building a bespoke website
  • be able to manage trips, online sales, subcontractors, buses, and drivers, generating reports in one place
  • have a fast-operating system matching their existing business processes, with full automation of the paperwork
  • have a mobile app for drivers to automate the process of passenger check-in, tracking tickets/passengers, real-time location of a bus along its route, and selling tickets

The client wanted to open ticket sales for the first trip by mid-March 2023, so we got down to work immediately.

GrandBus interface screen

Why the client chose us

The client was looking for a team that was fully dedicated to the proposed solution and capable of thoroughly elaborating on all the details throughout the bus ticket booking mobile app development process. In particular, they choose us because we:

  • Have experience in travel, logistics, and similar showcases
  • Provide comprehensive technical guidance and support as partners rather than just subcontractors (our assistance extends beyond the agreed scope whenever it’s necessary)
  • Have a local office and local representatives
  • Commit to delivering within a limited budget and timeframes
  • Commit to preparing an MVP in 1.5 months
  • Refine the scope as necessary to reach the initial goals within the client’s budget

The Team

For this bus ticket booking software development project, we assembled a team of 9 specialists. It included a business analyst, project manager, UX designer, DevOps engineer, back-end developer, front-end developer, mobile developer, QA engineer, and quality control engineer. 

This combined expertise provided all the skills required to meet the client’s needs from A to Z.

GrandBus interface screen

The Process

The project began with the discovery phase in October 2022. This phase involved researching the client’s main competitors to establish benchmarks, visiting the client’s office regularly to better understand their needs, and interviewing the people involved in the processes we wanted to improve. Basically, we stayed in contact with the customer throughout the process to find approaches that would work best in this particular case.

Despite the client's feasible business idea, they lacked a clear understanding of the technical implementation. However, our approach is to take the lead in handling the technical aspects for our clients. With GrandBus, we stepped in to fill the knowledge gaps, advising them on the right payment system, guiding them on generating performance reports, helping them make informed decisions on system configuration and more.

After the discovery phase, we prepared a proposal and signed a fixed-price contract for web development. In January 2023, the project delivery began, with the first MVP being released in March. That was followed by two intermittent releases and then the final release in June 2023. 

As soon as the client approved the MVP, we took charge of the website support and maintenance and signed a fixed-price contract for the next part of the project — the passenger app.

GrandBus interface screen

Our Approach, Methodologies, and Tools

To manage this project, we relied on a fixed-price model with milestone-based billing coupled with Scrum and DevOps practices. We also used EVM (earned value management) for project budget and progress monitoring.

We used Slack as the main internal channel for daily communication and WhatsApp as the main external one. Jira, Google Docs, and Figma also came in handy. On top of that, we had offline or online meetings with the client to demonstrate status reports every week or every other week to stay on the same page with the project's progress.

The Solution

Since the client had limited time, we had to focus on essential functionality. As a result, we settled for an integrated online bus ticket booking software solution comprising four components:

  • A website for passengers to find and buy tickets (this also acts as an SEO-optimized landing page)
  • An admin panel for website support and bus route management
  • A mobile app for drivers to manage their routes

In January 2023, we began developing the bus ticket reservation software product. Because of the project’s broad scope, the first phase focuses on the first three project components. 

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Using the website, passengers can:

Website features list
2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Search for and purchase bus tickets (both for round trips and routes, including transfers)

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Use additional options such as seat selection, extra luggage, and more

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Purchase baggage-only tickets

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Track journey progress on a map in real-time (enabled by a combination of GPS trackers and SSE)

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

View and manage their trips through a personal account

Admin panel

In the admin panel, GrandBus employees can:

Admin panel features list
2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Create and manage bus routes and details such as the number of tickets available, ticket prices, bus type, and route status

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Manage route schedules by assigning new operators to routes or new buses and drivers to existing operators

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Generate a report for each completed route showing the total number of passengers, the number of transit passengers, payments, and total ticket income

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Manage the number of loyalty points to be awarded to passengers on each section of the route

Mobile app for drivers

With our mobile app, GrandBus drivers can:

App features list
2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

View their work schedule

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Update the status of a route to "Boarding Started" or "Departed."

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Access information about all stops along a route, along with the total number of passengers on the bus and the expected number of people boarding and disembarking at each stop

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Scan QR codes to validate passenger tickets. Once a QR code is scanned, the passenger is automatically marked as boarded.

2020 Armor bluetooth connect to vest mobile screen

Sell tickets by themselves

Project challenges

There were numerous tasks that needed to be completed within a tight timeframe, while user feedback generated additional requests. We had to elaborate on these ideas on the fly. This way, balancing the project scope and managing client expectations was crucial to ensure a successful outcome. What’s more, certain features required immediate attention based on test reports.

During the first phase of the project, we also had to handle additional tasks such as creating content for the landing page and implementing basic SEO practices to ensure a seamless browsing experience and maximize customer attraction and retention. We provided assistance in legal and financial matters as well.

This bus ticket booking software development project involved collaboration with multiple stakeholders.


To date, the website, including the admin panel, has been deployed successfully, and the driver app is in the final stages of development. The client now has a unique online bus booking software solution that meets their business goals and fits seamlessly into their processes. 

GrandBus reports that the website has already proven to be a highly efficient ticket sales channel. They have received positive comments from passengers who appreciate the easy and convenient online booking process.

Once the driver app, admin panel and website final version are released (scheduled for July 2023), we will proceed to the next project phase: bus ticket booking app development.

“We liked the COAX team’s deep-diving approach and attention to detail. Before starting on the implementation, they took the time to visit our office and asked comprehensive questions to understand our business processes almost as well as we do. During the implementation, they remained in touch 24/7, providing all the information we needed. 

Their incremental approach with feedback loops allowed us to see results from the early stages and ensured we stayed on the right track. But most importantly, we felt that they genuinely cared about our project. Doing their best to make it as perfect as possible, they were always there for us, on-site rather than online.

Now the solution (the website) is up and running, and our customers are delighted. Up to half of our sales are already coming through this website.”

Mykola Bronitskyy

Co-founder at GrandBus

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