Discovery Phase Services for Product Development

Discovery phase services by COAX Software will help you rationally plan project development, choose the right technology stack, optimize costs, and alleviate potential risks.

The discovery phase service for software development is tailored to bridge the gap between your business idea and a future software solution. Based on the results of in-depth analysis and direct product development experience, our qualified team will transform your idea into a clear product vision or give a new life to your existing project. Leverage our great software development and discovery phase service expertise to drive your future growth.

Why Discovery Stage Is Essential for Project Success

Enhanced Product Quality

The discovery phase helps the team to get a clear understanding of your product vision and analyze challenges from the technical point of view, which will inevitably translate into a better quality of the final product.

Effective Risk Management

A product discovery phase helps predict and eliminate risks and identify the best way to reach business goals with the help of a technical solution.

Predictable Costs

Our discovery phase service will enable you to focus on the project's core features and help you estimate costs more accurately.

More Fruitful Partnership

The project discovery phase allows companies to assess the team they will be working with and make sure the developers understand their business processes.

Discovery Phase Services: Who Will Find Them Useful

Startup Founders

Product & Business Owners


Or anyone who'd like to evaluate effort and costs

Project Discovery Phase Services: When You Might Need Them

If you only have an idea

When you intend to develop a product from scratch, the discovery phase is crucial to define the concept of the product, understand your business goals and identify the potential project scope.

If you have an existing product

The discovery phase allows us to thoroughly examine current architecture, codebase, deployment approach and pipelines, project management roadmap, and future product vision when adding new features to existing solutions.

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Main Stages of the Discovery Phase

Mobile app development services are delivered smoothly due to the rigorous approach of a development company. Our team has created a detailed process, which we follow throughout the project creation. Apart from well-known phases, we have a service that is called the discovery phase. It implies that besides providing various digital and technical solutions, we also set the goal to reach the business values of projects: future alterations and improvements, competitors and market, and revenue and ROI growth.

Assembling the Team

Our project manager brings together a professional team to render the discovery phase service for a software project. The discovery team typically includes a project manager, a UX/UI designer, a technical expert/developer, and a business analyst, however, at COAX Software, we can adjust our team composition and size depending on your project’s requirements.


For starters, we schedule a kick-off call to ask you questions and collect all the information about your idea. Next, we do in-depth research to identify your target audience and analyze the market and your competition.


This stage of discovery services for product development involves a series of sessions, which result in identifying key product features and wireframing the concept of the solution. We can do it independently, but you’re always welcome to participate!


After confirming the concept, we prepare the PRD (Product Requirements Document) and select technologies that best suit this project.

What You Get: the Discovery Phase Deliverables

A successful discovery phase allows you to see how the initial brief is transformed into the final deliverables, setting clear further steps in the product development.

Product Requirements Document

The Product Requirements Document describes the key requirements for the future product, including the product's purpose, features, and functionality. It will serve as a guide to help build, launch, and market the product.

Service-Level Agreement

The SLA includes the description of the services and their expected levels, duties and responsibilities of each party, metrics by which the services will be measured, and a protocol for adding and removing metrics.

Technical Risk Analysis

This document defines all possible risks associated with achieving the project’s goals.

Test Strategy

This document describes the way testing will be carried out. It includes test objectives and guidelines for achieving them.


A wireframe is a graphic representation of the structure of a website or app that clearly determines what is supposed to be on each page.

Project Estimation

It identifies the team needed to deliver your project and estimates monthly and/or total cost.

Infrastructure Architecture

It focuses on various hardware/network components (servers, routers, firewalls, etc.) and how they fit together.

Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a document that describes the product vision and determines the timeline for delivering new functionality to users.

Software Architecture

This document provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system, including:

  • Logical architecture of software, layers, and top-level components

  • Physical architecture of the hardware on which the software is intended to run

  • Justification of technical choices

  • Traceability between the architecture and the system requirements

Product Backlog

A product backlog is a prioritized list of tasks for the development team based on the project roadmap and requirements.

How Long It Takes

If you already know your target audience and have an idea of your product features and design, the discovery phase will take around 1.5 weeks. Otherwise, it will last up to 3.5 weeks.

1.5 — 3.5 weeks

Our Clients’ Feedback On The Discovery Phase:

The team followed a clear direction and had an open-minded approach to creating a solution. The standard of the design is of a very high standard with a model that can be clearly presented to all current and future stakeholders.

George Johnson

We really liked working with COAX in the discovery phase very much! The team is great and very professional. By always asking the right questions, it helps guide the process in a clear direction and makes working together very efficient and successful.

Michael Dunphy


What is a discovery phase service?

Discovery phase services of IT projects are primarily aimed at establishing project goals and risk estimation. They help the teams figure out what needs to be done for the successful completion of the project, in what order, how long it will take, and which technical solutions it will require.

What are the objectives of discovery phase services of IT projects?

The objectives of discovery phase services of IT projects are the following:

  • identify your business strategy, needs, and product vision

  • create product architecture to achieve specific business goals

  • optimize development costs

  • identify and minimize risks

  • produce a clear product roadmap

What happens after the discovery phase?

Once the discovery phase is completed, an actual product development stage starts.

Who needs the discovery phase?

The discovery phase benefits both startups and established businesses. Whether you only have an idea of a project or want to reconsider your processes, the discovery phase comes to save the day by providing you with a comprehensive view of where you are and how you can move further.

Is the discovery phase associated with any downsides?

In general, the discovery phase isn’t associated with any obvious downsides or risks, however, you might be not happy with two things: 

  • the discovery phase services cost money

  • since the discovery phase takes some time (usually 1-4 weeks), the development will start later than you could expect

Who is engaged in conducting the discovery phase?

The discovery phase usually involves a business analyst, a UX designer, a software architect, and a project manager.

What happens if you skip the discovery phase?

Skipping discovery often translates into failing to validate your idea, analyze the market, and come up with a shared vision of success. While you might save a little time and money upfront, you risk wasting more developing a product that flops.

Who doesn’t need the discovery phase?

If you have all the necessary documents, such as the UX/UI concept, detailed product backlog, and architecture concepts, a cost estimation from us will be enough to start the development. Sometimes, clients might need a part of discovery services, for example, when they migrate their current product to new technology with the design and functionality preserved.

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