Legal software development

Whether you're building legal industry solutions for your business or for your customers, we're here to help you with the most reliable, secure, and resilient technologies.

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We provide a range of legal technology services for you to get a competitive edge

Law practice management software. We develop legal software that provides a 360-degree view on daily operations in small and enterprise-level law firms.

Contract management. We build centralized places to store, manage, edit, and share contracts. Our solutions are secure and provide you with quick access to required contracts.

Case management software. Our customized solutions help manage all legal cases in one place. We eliminate the hassle of paperwork and spreadsheets and automate routine work.

Client portals. We create user-friendly, convenient, and comprehensive client portals that help you boost customer loyalty and increase profits.

Trust accounting. Build vulnerability-proof trust accounting software that allows you to manage trust funds easily and securely.

Billing software. Easily track time and generate bills automatically for the services you provide and integrate it with your current legal software.

COAX's services

Focus on your clients and workflows with legal software tailored to your needs.

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