Restaurant management software development

It's your cue to digitalize restaurant management by bringing advanced features in one consolidated platform – At COAX Software, we serve the food industry stakeholders with tech solutions they need to efficiently manage their businesses.

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Custom restaurant solutions we develop

POS system. One of the most in-demand restaurant software development solutions is a point-of-sale (POS) system. Record and process all transactions occurring at your restaurant and prepare auto-generated invoices for customers. Custom software solutions can also enable you to perform customer database analysis and beyond.

Reporting & analytics. A Restauration software that equips your menu engineers with real-time sales and cost insights will allow them to ensure all decisions are backed with objective data. You can scale your business above the competition with advanced analytics, analysis of customers, and their preferences.

Loyalty & rewards. Add discount vouchers and coupon features to reward your customers for loyalty to your brand. Our restaurant management software solutions can be used to add seasonal offers, promo codes, and other forms of incentives that can be sent out which will eventually raise your customer retention figures!

Online ordering. Restaurant chain software development is incomplete without online ordering. Your customers love the comfort of their homes and great food service. Our expert developers can set up your online ordering systems with the features you need to provide convenience for customers and essential user touchpoints for your online business.

Delivery management. A two-way synced delivery management system is a crucial software for any restaurant and demand food delivery app. Enable order tracking/status, notifications, feedback, and payment gateways for home delivery services to make delivery management easier for you and satisfactory for potentially billions of customers.

Web & mobile apps. Whether you're looking to innovate the food and restaurant industry or just want to make dining more convenient, we can help. The COAX experts excel at developing all types of food software solutions, from a website to a native custom mobile app.

Restaurant management software

Menu planning & engineering

Plan menus, assign them on calendars, and let the menu management software automate your schedules, cost breakdown, and productions.


Never run out of stock. Our restaurant management apps can allow you to cut down on waste, arrange timely restocking, and track expenses with high-tech systems.


Ping your providers at the right time, not sooner or later. With procurement restaurant software, your stock keeps updating with real-time data to ensure it's purchased on time.

Sales analytics

Run your restaurant with all bestsellers. Be the best in what your customers like with advanced analytics on purchases and restaurant operations.


Manage all your business operations with restaurant software development. Plan production, track employee progress, update tasks and ensure timely execution.

Central kitchen

Stay informed on your restaurant's daily workings. Track inventories, production, menus, orders, and sourcing from a centralized dashboard in real-time.


Determine your cash flow and see what's being spent or made with automated financial management for your restaurant business.

HACCP & tasks

Set food safety plans, monitor, and keep reports and checklists on your restaurant's activities. Ensure that everything complies with industry and legal practices.

The benefits of using restaurant software

Improve customer relationships

Smart applications and good food are the way to your customer's hearts. With automated restaurant bookings, delivery tracking, instant invoices, online payments, and access to loyalty rewards, your customers are bound to stay!

Tracking sales

With a POS system, accounting management, order tracking, and reports, you can supercharge your restaurant business to keep tabs on sales, retain and multiply them with the right tools. It's also easier when it's done with great technology.

Automatic analysis

Knowing customer demands is good. And knowing how your restaurant management operates day-to-day by keeping close insight on resources and workforce is even better. Restaurant software does both!

Reduction of errors

With automated functionality, impeccable software integrations, and AI tools to do the job, there will be fewer errors and inconveniences in managing your restaurant. It's more beneficial when your accounts are managed and updated regularly with a unified system.

Enhanced productivity

From a bird's eye perspective, you can look after everything that's happening in your restaurant. Your employees can see their tasks and what's left of them. Your vendors get timely reminders and orders. When everything is streamlined digitally, your business gets productive.

Effective use of human resources

Your restaurant managers, chefs, or even you don't have to struggle with numbers, dates, and transactions. Opting for restaurant booking software development will leave more time for you and your workforce to focus on you're specialty amazing food and satisfied customers!

Digitize the way your restaurant runs with advanced management software!

Our success stories

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Booking service

A global travel agency that serves as a marketplace for re-selling hotel rooms reached out to COAX for turn-key development services. The client needed to build a powerful online platform that could deliver reservations to sellers and buyers in a way that ensured easy re-booking operations.

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The unique platform that combines strong technology with intricate operational abilities. Complex marketplace with all the necessary products for tourists: tickets, tours, accommodation, and transfers.

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Our clients review

In working with COAX, we found them to be highly professional and have continued our ongoing relationship and cooperation with COAX on this project thanks to the ongoing support they continue to offer us. We have complete confidence that they will continue to be a responsible development partner.

Ashley Greenfelder

director of the Re:Plan

From the first day, the COAX team established themselves as optimistic. After the guys spent a dozen hours sorting out our problems and never once talked about money, we realized that this team was ready to go the extra mile.

We were finally convinced of the prospects for cooperation when the COAX CTO came to our British office in person with a detailed presentation of the renovation. You will not often find such an approach in the outsourcing development market

Richard Murray

CEO at Antique Ecommerce Marketplace

The team followed a clear direction and had an open-minded approach to creating a solution. The standard of the design is of a very high standard with a model that can be clearly presented to all current and future stakeholders.

George Johnson

We really liked working with COAX in the discovery phase very much! The team is great and very professional. By always asking the right questions, it helps guide the process in a clear direction and makes working together very efficient and successful.

Michael Dunphy

I was delighted by COAX Software’s attention to detail and ability to deliver such a complex project. COAX’s team is second to none designing, developing, and deploying websites. I highly recommend COAX to anyone looking for a reliable and talented web development team.

Mason Blake

Co-founder and CTO at Ratio

For almost 10 years now, I’ve enjoyed working with COAX Software on various projects. Their team of highly-talented, cross-functional software engineers and architects helps us meet development timelines quickly and reliably.

Joe Heenan

CEO, Proteineer


What is POS restaurant software?

Restaurant POS systems are software development solutions that help to process transactions in a restaurant. Traditionally, it was just a billing system, but now a POS system has other features like managing stocks and inventories, tracking customer relationships, and reporting data. This makes it easier for restaurant owners to do their jobs and keep track of their business with advanced restaurant system software.

Which is the best restaurant management software?

While there are many pre-made solutions for restaurant management, the best restaurant management system is always tailored to fit your unique food business. This means that going for a custom restaurant management system will give you a competitive edge and the features you, your employees, and your customers need. That's why you should always be up-to-date and know about hospitality technology trends.

Do I need an API for my travel website?

API integration allows customers to customize their travel-related searches easily, which makes online interaction with travel agencies much more convenient. The number and type of APIs your travel business might need depending on the project. We can conduct a discovery phase during which we will investigate your ideals and business goals to select travel and booking APIs specifically for your project.

What is a restaurant ordering system?

Automating restaurant operations has made it easier for them to serve more customers and make more money. Ordering systems play a key role in making this happen for superior customer experiences. Customers can make online orders through menus and pay for a delivery, takeout, or even dine-in online with ordering system software.

How will I engage with my team if I hire COAX restaurant software development services?

We encourage daily or weekly stand-up meetings depending on clients' needs. You can seamlessly communicate through day-to-day chat and emails to stay in touch and get updates. To ensure complete transparency, we deliver reports about what each team member did within a designated time frame so you are always part of the process.

Other software development services for travel industry

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