Healthcare software development

We've been developing healthcare solutions for global healthcare providers and independent consultants that combine cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and patient wellbeing in mind.

We've got a proven track record in delivering stable, secure, and scalable healthcare software

  • Electronic health record (EHR) software. Our EHR solutions help hospitals store and process patients data securely. We build EHR systems from scratch and integrate them with third-party services.

  • Healthcare CRMs. With healthcare CRMs, we help our clients build long-term relationships. Our software helps derive valuable data and build marketing campaigns based on actionable insights.

  • Medical practice management software. To streamline routine workflows in patient care and hospitals focus on quality care, we build resilient and maintainable MPMS software.

  • Hospital management software. From billing management to patient registration and laboratory data, our HMS solutions eliminate the paperwork and secure the daily routines.

  • E-prescribing software. For medical providers, we build e-prescribing software that efficiently cuts down a middleman, reduces human error, and provides quick access to patient's past treatments.

  • Medical diagnosis software. We ensure security and integrity of data transferred within medical diagnosis software with reliable technologies and AI-powered solutions that help predict possible diagnosis.

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Why opt for COAX Software as a reliable partner in building healthcare software

  • A dedicated team of professionals. We're a team of software engineers, analysts, and other IT specialists that treat your business as our own and strive to develop meaningful healthcare industry solutions.

  • Expertise in building healthcare software. To build products that improve the lives of patients and healthcare workers, we apply the expertise we've gained providing numerous healthcare industry services.

  • Technology-savvy professionals. Our team applies state-of-the-art technologies to create healthcare solutions built to work smoothly to scale and secure the data of patients.

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