COAX Bootcamps

COAX Bootcamps are the intensive courses where experienced teachers work according to the principle: minimum theory, maximum practice.

IT Bootcamps are the best way for novice developers to upgrade their practical skills and get a Job Offer from the company. After defending the project, each of the graduates receives not only profound knowledge but also a certificate from COAX Software.

Get practical knowledge in IT

Duration of training is two weeks for two hours

More practice, less theory

Free participation

Small groups from 3 to 6 students

Opportunity to become a member of the COAX Software team

Classes are held at the COAX Software office

The selection of candidates will take place in several stages:

Fill out the registration form

When IT Bootcamps are available, you can fill out the form on our website

Introductory interview

Checking English language and details on the phone number you provided


Checking English language and details on the phone number you provided

Technical interview

Checking the level of technical knowledge

Announcement of results

The message will be sent to your email

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What students say:

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Yana Solodzhuk
A graduate of Project Management Bootcamp and current employee of COAX Software

Applying to Project Management Bootсamp, I expected nothing more than a presentation of theory with complex terminology. But in fact, it was a powerful preparation for professional work, providing real examples from experienced PMs of how to keep projects running smoothly from the very conception to delivery.

The learning process itself was very interesting and productive, since we were studying not only from the teachers’ presentations, but also practiced on pet projects, which we then presented to the COAX team. However, it wasn’t easy at all. It required a lot of hard work to get the good results and make it to the interview stage.

I appreciate COAX for the opportunity to learn from the best that later allowed me to become a part of the team.

COAX Software team member portrait with colourful bubbles
Michael Push
A graduate of Ruby Bootcamp and current employee of COAX Software

COAX Ruby Bootcamp is a perfect opportunity to test yourself and feel the real intensity of the IT sector. This two-week course provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need to successfully enter the world of IT. The important part of this course is the opportunity to communicate directly with professionals who work on commercial projects and have extensive experience in software development.

There was no dry theory during this course, and we gained all the knowledge directly from the teachers and solidified it through daily practice. Every day we explored the new features of the Ruby on Rails framework and could observe the real use cases provided by our experienced teachers. Since the training group did not exceed more than 5 people, the teacher managed to pay attention to everybody, and it was important for me as a student. We put all our knowledge in the development of a personal project and presented it after completing the course.

As a result, I gained invaluable experience that I have been using for many years later. I was so glad to participate in this bootcamp.

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COAX Bootcamp
COAX Bootcamp
COAX Bootcamp
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