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  • With COAX's technology consultancy, you can connect ideas, technology, processes, and people.

  • Address your problems through agility, design thinking, continuous improvement, innovations, and the delivery of practical IT solutions.

  • Unleash your company's full potential and boost your digital prowess.

  • Re-energize your company by taking a holistic approach; see the large picture while not overlooking the finer points.

  • From idea generation through solution delivery, COAX guides you through your digital transformation journey.

  • Integrate the appropriate technology into your particular business setting

  • Get the most out of your data and analytics.

  • Examine and confirm your company's AI preparedness.

  • Improve your cloud strategy and implementation.

  • Take advantage of technology platforms and integrations to their full potential.

Our approach to technology consulting

Discovery Workshops

The first step in bringing your digital solution to life is an exploration workshop. We identify ways to get from abstract concepts to a better vision and shared knowledge of what is being built and whether it is relevant for business in our discovery workshops. During this phase, we gather all of the project stakeholders' expectations and perspectives, learn about the client and business goals, and identify potential challenges. It assists us in identifying and mitigating risks, communicating ideas, and confirming that we are on the correct track.

Architecture Design

Any great product begins with a concept, which is then put into action. Early on in the implementation cycle, complex digital solutions necessitate a lot of thought and study. COAX's Technology Consulting Team will lead you through the analysis and design phases, ensuring that you have the best technology skills and talent available. We'll gather and analyze the different inputs needed to create the ideal solution, such as strategic goals, product vision, system needs and restrictions, enterprise IT landscape attributes, and more.

Solution Assessment

We'll check under the hood of your current solution or system and advise you on how to turn the findings of the assessment into actionable steps to improve it. We'll look at whether architecture selections satisfy quality needs, follow industry standards and best practices, and keep up with technological advancements. This way, you'll have a solid plan in place for where and how we can improve product functionality, efficiency, and costs.

IT Landscape Assessment

We can assist you evaluate if your IT skills are in line with your business aims by examining the health of your IT ecosystem. We'll assess your current technological situation before determining the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure, applications, and services. We'll also recommend ways to reduce your operational costs, resource usage, and IT design, as well as improve the security of your system. This will help you see what can be improved, what your major risks and threats are, and whether or not your technology investment is paying off.

Architecture Governance

Although architecture governance is not an interesting process, it is critical to develop and manage architectural control over the deployment of your solution. We'll take on those complicated technological governance functions to avoid risks, errors, and non-compliance, all in the sake of ensuring that the architecture design becomes a practical operational solution. We'll also use architectural change management techniques to ensure that the architecture design changes are introduced and implemented correctly.

Implementation Roadmap

An implementation roadmap lays out the steps for implementing a project, including deliverables, milestones, role descriptions, and other resources. The roadmap we created for you is based on your budget and release date expectations, as well as estimated and prioritized scope, discovered and mapped interdependencies on the schedule. This implementation roadmap will aid the project team throughout the project's lifecycle, keeping stakeholders informed and assisting in the creation of more accurate estimates and resource allocation plans.

Our technical advice process

COAX Software has been assisting enterprises of all sizes and structures to improve and modernize their IT strategy for over ten years. Some of our IT experts have over fifteen years of experience in the field. As a result, we've been able to develop an effective strategy to IT consulting that allows us to provide maximum advantage in the least amount of time.


Our IT consultants analyze your present software solutions and how your employees use them, searching for workflow and automation concerns.


The experts devise a strategy and plan to assist your organization in utilizing cutting-edge technology while also simplifying your software architecture. They then set software and personnel KPIs.


Effective IT consulting services need collaboration between the client and the IT consulting business. Our specialists will thoroughly evaluate your processes, measuring performance to detect any problems. Following that, our software specialists will eliminate the blocking elements.


Our IT consulting consultants and software engineers will propose and assist with the deployment of further enhancements once the original objectives have been met.

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