Express.js development services

The most common and powerful Node.js platform is Express.js, which is completely flexible in terms of both the method of creation and the final product.

It provides various built-in features, meaning that the developer does not have to write them from scratch, but uses ready-made models and saves a lot of time. Express.js greatly helps keep the code clean and structured.

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Tested by time

There are lots of popular applications and Express.js is powered by sites like MySpace, Geeklist, Klout, and Yummly.

The development of the Express.js platform uses Node JS's extensive features from which hybrid mobile applications can be created.

Adapting for your business needs

With Express.js Development Services, if you want to improve your business growth, then our programmers can create interactive apps along with the simple cutting-edge features.

With Express.js hands-on experience, our Expressjs development company creates complex applications that are precisely tailored according to your business needs.

Result oriented

In order to satisfy the requirements of the client, COAX developers follow all the new and tested methodologies.

We guarantee you 100% result-oriented job as well as 24/7 support and services.

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in Express.js Development

COAX specializes in developing lightweight, user-friendly and interactive applications in Express.js Development. Our developers are profoundly concerned with optimizing the usefulness of using the best features of this platform, such as template engines, streamlined multiple routing, integration of databases and more.

With Rest API support, we build stable front and back end JavaScript platforms. Using the Express.js Application Development platform, we have hands-on experience in designing massive applications and can definitely implement the most complex problems smoothly with a flawless approach. We offer niche and unique services that will give your company a kick-start.

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Express.js Development Services

Express.js RESTFUL API Development

Our Express.js Development experts build API generator applications and RESTful solutions that can connect with third-party integrations to help you control your online presence.

Custom Express.js Development

For deploying robust, unique designs by integrating contemporary services, our team of sophisticated developers and designers rely on the new, built-in functionalities of Express.js Development.

Express.js Portal Development

Our Express.js Development Services team of expert professionals uses its feature-rich ecosystem to build powerful interactive Portals with reusable components that outperform your competitors.

Express.js Maintenance and Support

We offer convenient assistance and repair facilities, as well as online ticket resolution and post-development support. We also offer affordable maintenance packages to keep our customers happy.

Express.js Data Migration Services

We provide potential assistance to our customers in converting their websites or data to Express.js with zero (0) downtime, limited compatibility problems, and no data loss.

Technologies our Express.js Developers Master

  • The basics: HTML, CSS.

  • The base language: Node.js.

  • Good grasp of asynchronous programming.

  • C#

Cloud Platforms We Use

In this digital day-and-age, having a website is a necessity. And as the pace of technological innovation quickens, having an app either custom for your employees or for your users its vital to the survival, let alone the success, of your business.

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Hetzner

  • Azure

  • Digital Ocean

Integrate your business

Custom APIs or 3rd party integrations are implemented by our practitioners, covering social networks, payment systems, mapping systems, CRMs and business tools.

Google and other tech companies links to Express.js

Custom API development

We are improving different human capabilities in our projects by integration of new technologies and internal tools.

3rd party integration

The COAX development team can integrate virtually any API into your application, including legacy SOAP ones. Our custom integration solutions leave external API calls outside the main request/response flow, ensuring ultimate performance and enriching the necessary 3D party data for web applications, delivering timely results that your users expect.

Ready to get express js development services that will exceed your expectations?

Why choose Express.js?


It is easy to increase the scale of an application using Express.js framework.


Express.js is considered to be lightweight and easy to implement. This enables us to build user-friendly and fast apps.


Extending the features of Node.js, Express.js allows the creation of high-quality hybrid web applications.


Express.js makes it possible to build cross-platform programs. Developers can reuse some code from the web application to build desktop software.


Thanks to availability of pre-made features, tools and libraries for Express.js, the development process becomes fast and allows us to build a product in shorter terms.  It is a good match for time-constrained projects.


Express.js is believed to be easy to learn. While the open-source community was formed around it, the code is always reviewed, updated, and improved.

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What Type Of Web Application Can Be Built Using Express Js?

With Express Js, it is possible to build many types of web applications, starting from real-time chat apps and streaming platforms to the Internet of Things. For instance, such popular apps as Uber, Netflix and eBay were built using Express Js.

What Are Core Features Of Express Framework?

Express Js is a Node js framework that offers a wide range of features to build an app. Express Js is a layer built on top of Node js allowing to manage routes and servers. It is used to design single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web apps. One of the distinct characteristics of Express is that it is fast, compared to other frameworks such as Django.

How many dedicated developers can I hire?

The number of dedicated developers hired depends on the size of your project. We estimate your specific project and offer you Expressjs development services of as many developers as the project requires to get the results that you anticipate.

How can I test your Node.js developers' expertise?

Before ordering our Express js development services, you can have a look at our showcase of past projects to make sure our team has the required expertise. In addition, we can organize a separate meeting with our dedicated developers for your project where you will have the opportunity to hear more about their experience and approach to developing your product.

Will I be assigned a specific project manager to look after my project?

We can set up a technical interview with the project manager so you can be reassured of the required expertise of this specific project manager.

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Booking service

A global travel agency that serves as a marketplace for re-selling hotel rooms reached out to COAX for turn-key development services. The client needed to build a powerful online platform that could deliver reservations to sellers and buyers in a way that ensured easy re-booking operations.

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