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Our Node.JS Development Services

The COAX Software Node.JS development company has the expertise to serve customers from different businesses and industries.

Our Node JS development services include:

Node.js web app development

Using Node.js, we develop web applications with powerful features and tools.

Real-time apps

Node.js for real-time apps enables the creation of fast and tricky solutions.

Custom client- and server-side applications

Our dedicated team can create custom apps from scratch, adjusting to all your needs and end-users.

Enterprise apps

An advanced solution for all businesses. Enterprise apps deliver fast, scalable, flexible, and customizable products.

Migration services

Migration to Node.js is a real transformation for your business: more value, generating leads, growing business, and gaining traction.


The Coax Software team takes good care of your product's future. We make sure that your app and its feature will fit all the current needs, customers, and markets.

The experts
in Node.js Development

JavaScript fans of COAX Software began playing around with Node.js as soon as they found it in 2010. The tool gave us the long-awaited superpower to use every capability for startups and established companies to generate value at scale.

At COAX Software, all the Node powers combine to enable effective web and mobile solutions for your unique company to ensure the best possible Node js development services. To help the business gain wider access across various channels, we have learned the art of high-end mobile porting and migration services.

Our Node JS app development company of experts creates stable and adaptable server-side APIs to provide you with high-performance applications. In designing stable and scalable architectures, our Node developers have extensive expertise, keeping them detailed, well-structured, and up-to-date along the way.

Coax Software employee working in officeCoax Software team members discussing on-going projects in the meeting room

Looking for a skilled Node.js team to build your web app?

Solutions we build with Node.js

Real-Time App Development

With real-time app development using Node JS, you can get a quick transfer of information.

Microservices Development

Implement a dependable and fault-free microservices architecture created by experts.

Rich Portal Development

With Node JS Application Development, you can create a rich portal.

Ecommerce Solutions

We assist in creating Node.JS e-commerce applications that are highly dependable, stable, and sensitive.

Social Networking Application

Node JS allows you to create seamless social networking apps for your company.

IoT-Based Application

For a smarter IoT app, use Node JS' advanced technology.

Our expertise in technologies

The developers and software architects of COAX Software Node.js are well-versed in developing complex Node.js-based applications that fulfill entirely business requirements. We have vast expertise in:

Integrate your business

Custom APIs or 3rd party integrations are implemented by our practitioners, covering social networks, payment systems, mapping systems, CRMs, and business tools.

Google and other tech companies spinning around Node.js

Custom API development

We improve different human capabilities in our projects by integrating new technologies and internal tools.

3rd-party integration

The Node.JS development team of COAX can integrate virtually any API into your application, including legacy SOAP ones. Our custom integration solutions leave external API calls outside the main request/response flow, ensuring ultimate performance and enriching the necessary 3D party data for web applications, delivering timely results that your users expect.

Recognized by the industry

We are proud to be in the Top 20 Companies using Node.js

Ready to build a great product? So do we!

What makes us different?

Wide selection of experts

On-site talents, off-site collaborators, and top software tools are combined in our network. We will pick tech superstars perfectly suited to your company's culture, industry, and technology.

Approach of Hypergrowth

It is not our goal to simply deliver the project. Instead, we will help you establish an environment of hyper-growth around your technology and your brand.

Company support from Hillistic

Even the best code is only a component of success. So we will provide you with an interdisciplinary team of tech talents, from project managers and strategy consultants to sales and marketing experts.

Truly Agile process

To ensure the highest efficiency and transparency of the work of our experts, we take the best principles of an agile approach in NodeJS development services and extend them to other project areas.

Why we love Node.js


With WebSockets providing open two-way communication networks, Node.js is the perfect technology for developing real-time web apps.

Perform better

Its input/output actions are event-driven and non-blocking, making the app lighter and better run.

Fastest technology

Node.js uses the V8 JavaScript engine, which makes it the fastest website and application technology.

Compatible with multiple platforms

It is multi-platform compatible and can be easily integrated with the latest technologies, such as Angular or React.

Perfectly scalable

It builds on the event loop principle, making it perfectly scalable.

Handle the heavy traffic

It can handle the heavy traffic of data and users.

Technology used by:

Our services

Our industries


Why Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side proxy and can cope with many simultaneous activities, while the response time is short and collects data from multiple sources.

Why choose Node.js?

In terms of processing, Node.js solutions are the fastest and most efficient. One more reason is language sharing. Moreover, the process of Node.js development is quick, thanks to easy API creation. A single-threaded event loop architecture is another reason to choose Node.js (better for microservices).

What Node.js Development Services are offered?

Our COAX Software company offers development services such as web app development, real-time apps, custom client- and server-side applications, enterprise apps, migration services, and maintenance.

What are the best Node.js Development Companies?

The best Node.js development company is that, which has 100% efficiency, positive reviews, and comprehensive expertise in technologies.

Is Node.JS suitable for enterprise applications?

Node.js is a fantastic solution for enterprise apps, as it allows for creating scalable, fast, and customizable apps for all types of businesses and industries.

What are the benefits of using Node JS application development?

Among dozens of benefits, we want to highlight the key ones: fast and efficient performance, quick and easy development process, adjustable and reusable code, ability to cope with multiple inquiries, scalability, and support by big corporations and leading companies.

Our success stories

Social network for car enthusiasts

COAX transforms a mobile application for car enthusiasts and develops the web version of RoadStr

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Booking service

A global travel agency that serves as a marketplace for re-selling hotel rooms reached out to COAX for turn-key development services. The client needed to build a powerful online platform that could deliver reservations to sellers and buyers in a way that ensured easy re-booking operations.

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Our customers

I was delighted by COAX Software’s attention to detail and ability to deliver such a complex project. COAX’s team is second to none designing, developing, and deploying websites. I highly recommend COAX to anyone looking for a reliable and talented web development team.

Mason Blake

Co-founder and CTO at Ratio

In working with COAX, we found them to be highly professional and have continued our ongoing relationship and cooperation with COAX on this project thanks to the ongoing support they continue to offer us. We have complete confidence that they will continue to be a responsible development partner.

Ashley Greenfelder

director of the Re:Plan

The team followed a clear direction and had an open-minded approach to creating a solution. The standard of the design is of a very high standard with a model that can be clearly presented to all current and future stakeholders.

George Johnson

For almost 10 years now, I’ve enjoyed working with COAX Software on various projects. Their team of highly-talented, cross-functional software engineers and architects helps us meet development timelines quickly and reliably.

Joe Heenan

CEO, Proteineer

From the first day, the COAX team established themselves as optimistic. After the guys spent a dozen hours sorting out our problems and never once talked about money, we realized that this team was ready to go the extra mile.

We were finally convinced of the prospects for cooperation when the COAX CTO came to our British office in person with a detailed presentation of the renovation. You will not often find such an approach in the outsourcing development market

Richard Murray

CEO at Antique Ecommerce Marketplace

We really liked working with COAX in the discovery phase very much! The team is great and very professional. By always asking the right questions, it helps guide the process in a clear direction and makes working together very efficient and successful.

Michael Dunphy

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