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Software Engineering

We use the latest technologies to provide the best software engineering solutions that respond to the modern market needs.

Money Transfer


No more chaos. COAX team can help you to build and maintain relationships with people who your success depends on. Maintaining efficient and cost-effective partnerships is key to remain competitive. We develop a brand new system for your business and integrate improve upon your current CRM system so you can maintain efficient and cost-effective partnerships. Or maybe you would like to integrate 3rd parties CRM? We can do it, of course!


Make good business decisions faster! Typically, it cannot be easily obtained by direct examining raw big data without the aid of analytic methods and techniques. COAX aims at developing software that would describe, monitor, predict and improve efficiency and effectivity so you could solve complex analytic problems to make mission-critical decisions.

Money Transfer

Transferring money, while convenient, comes with potential risks. Are you looking for strong support for your business? COAX is an expert in money transfer data protection and security. Which means you can confidently rely on your technology with the assurance that your customers will put their trust in you, instead of your competitors.


We implement all the necessary features for creating a good marketplace. User-friendly accounts and saving user data securely? Not a big deal! Our COAX team can help you grab more customers, increase sales and profitability, and improve brand recognition.

Top B2B Companies in Ukraine in 2018

We use the cutting-edge technologies to provide the best software engineering solutions that respond to the modern market needs. We maintain clear and open communication with clients and work tirelessly to provide a high-quality development cycle. We are here to help you on the way from idea to success!

Success Stories

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65 Projects in 2018

27 Regular Clients

4 Average product team

Upwork’s 100%
job success agency since 2014

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  • Total Jobs 54
  • Total Hours 8,916
  • Current Jobs 6

Clients' Testimonials

Just a few words from our clients

Lucy Chaves Morgans

CEO & Co Founder at Cut A Deal

Extremely hardworking, very talented and professional.

Jürgen Walter


Fast turn-around and very good design skills.

Elliot Thomas

Skippr CEO

A very strong, capable team of experienced developers.

Our Team

COAX works in a collaboration with you. Our team quickly and easily responds to changes, provides fast solutions, develops projects that meet all your requirements and needs, and controls your costs.

53 Teammates

2 Cities

2 Offices

CoaxSoftware Team

Our Traditions

Building a good product is satisfying, but building a good partnership brings even more satisfaction. We do both and never cheat on it because we take business partnership on a new level of communication.

Our Mission

To organize and bring creative projects to life and make them work.

our vision

We build products and bring innovations to the World that converts into client’s profit.

live our values

Being creative and open-minded. Work hard regardless of who is or isn’t watching. Push for perfection.

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