Legacy software modernization

Digital transformation lastly has forced business to look back on systems that they designed and developed a way ago. It’s becoming more and more sensitive each year to ways to modernise its legacy and outdated systems.

For many organisations, legacy systems become a burden that stops or slows down business from new initiatives and business processes automatisation.

How to evaluate your system as “legacy”?

Legacy systems utilize obsolete programming languages and frameworks but are still operating and being used by enterprises.

There are six factors that signal about your system need to be updated:

  • Business fit

  • Cost

  • Business value

  • Complexity

  • Agility

  • Risks

Why perform legacy system modernization?

  • To prepare your business for a digital transformation.

  • To build a flexible and maintainable software environment.

  • To solve the problem of lacking programmers with knowledge of obsolete languages like Perl and COBOL.

  • To prevent data breaches and security vulnerabilities present in legacy systems.


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