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Customer Challenge

Initially, our client’s business utilized their CRM for tourists and travelers who book buses or bus tours. The growth of their customer base exceeded their ability to use standard available forms - the requirements could not be met without custom forms. Complications also arose for the client when they had bus tours presented for purchase, but their data was not fully integrated throughout their suppliers. The client was looking for an answer to consolidate and customize operational and business processes with their tour offerings.

Challenge Met with Real Results

Our goal was to create, integrate, and produce a solution that will meet the need presented and do so in such a way that the client's needs were exceeded. We made complicated traveling – simple!
Our team has extensive expertise in building custom CRMs. To meet the client's needs, we used React.js, Ruby, and Python to conceive and initiate the production of a custom system that enabled the client to shine through to their customer base. The new application empowered both the client and their users to add orders and track them.

Better yet, our custom CRM integration allowed the company to connect directly to suppliers and synchronize their schedules and availability through the database. The company now has its unique system, created by the teams at Coaxsoft, that allows the operations tools to be self-functioning for everyone, including drivers, tour guides, and agents.

MICRM CRM income page

Custom Product Delivered

Our skilled technical developers created a unique platform for the customer and its clients. By including intricate operational functions, the end product performed better than the customer had even expected. We had exceeded their expectations and delivered an exceptional product.

The customer was delighted to pull together all the functions of his business into an easily understood application with a high level of intuitive design. Now, drivers, guides, agents, and customers can work seamlessly in creating tours, adjusting booking information, add or change destinations, create affiliate permissions, bring suppliers on board and fulfill the billing requirements for each user.

Now a typical user can purchase a tour and stay updated on the status, calendar, and more. The application also automatically requests feedback. This feature allows constant improvement in services. The application now includes reservation team tools that will enable everyone – customers, drivers, guides – to view details in real-time, including the access to manage orders, send out incomplete order reminders, and create history reports.

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The Big Picture

The finished product's impact was a massive success for the client, their suppliers, and customers. Guides can now view all tour schedules available by date, discover who may also be attending the tour, and track attendance. The application verifies tracking details for all departures.

Analytics are now easy for admins and owners. Sales can be tracked, including income, taxes. This added value can be further applied to each tour, agent, and supplier. Additional details are searchable on buyers. Components can include the time of purchase, dates, past orders, and location. The analytics provides a value-added service to the admins and owners to make choices that can quickly improve their service.

Additional Value-Added Details

  • Analytics reports
  • Comparisons on seasons to analyze sales
  • Create cancellation reports
  • Data analysis of feedback given per tour
  • Affiliate profit tools
  • Creation of complete complex marketplace
  • Answers all needs for tourists, tickets, tours, accommodations, and transfers
  • Shopping cart
  • Booking management
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Multiple payment options

Benefits and Advantages Delivered

The client experienced an immediate appreciation for thevalue delivered by the custom product.

  • Increase up to 40% in profits
  • Gained an additional 60 affiliates
  • Reach increased with 20 new suppliers
  • Growth put the client at the top of their field
  • Now largest tourism operation available
  • 1. Customer satisfaction
  • 2. Larger service team with 40+ vehicles available
  • 3. Increased associates with 80+ travel professionals
MICRM tours calendar page
Single departure report page with Explore Europe tour
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