Travel app development

To be part of the online tourism industry, you need a native app to represent your brand – COAX Software is the pioneering travel mobile app development company to reimagine and redesign the way your users experience digital travel solutions.

Travel app development solutions

At COAX Software, we tailor travel mobile app development solutions to make your customers' planning, search, bookings, and payments hassle-free. We excel at developing custom apps that can serve as a one-stop platform for everything travel.

Travel planning. An advanced travel planning app allows your users to easily book customized packages for trips, hotels, and more. From finalizing travels to booking accomodations and transport let your users plan trips in full circle and get the best possible travel experience.

Ad-Hoc services. The COAX experts offer a variety of specialized Ad-Hoc solutions, including tools to help users convert currency or find local guides and community centers. This makes it simple for new travelers to find tour guides and services they need.

Travel booking. Travel booking apps allow customers to check availability and generate bookings for tourist packages, transport, and other custom services. Making reservations, comparing several different packages, and in-app payments make your app a complete travel booking solution.

Check-in & boarding. With COAX Software's mobile check-in solutions, users can check-in online and get their virtual boarding pass immediately. This will save time on manual boarding processes to get things done quickly and conveniently for your staff and customers.

Hotel Booking. Hundreds of locations and thousands of hotel options, a mobile app can bring all this information in a single click to your users. With advanced searches, data integrations, booking forms, and payment gateways, become a traveler's favorite platform!

Vehicle rental. Travel always links to a range of industries. The COAX experts can develop extensive features for all, including access to on-demand vehicle rentals/ booking services like buses, cars, and taxis to your users at any tourist destination.

Travel management. At COAX, we utilize our agile methodology to understand your unique operations and develop custom travel management solutions. With a centralized dashboard, reports, task updates, and a dedicated CRM, you can save time and resources in managing your online business.

Any custom solutions you need. Your travel business, and customers are unique in what they like and how they travel. Whether it's a groundbreaking creative idea or a user-specific feature, you can get in touch with our experts to turn your special requirements into a high-functioning app.

Travel mobile app features

Travel mobile app development is all about adding the right features to offer. To stand out in the competition, be the go-to travel application for your users, and fulfill all business goals, your mobile applications are going to need many foundational and unique features.

Some of the travel app features are absolute and create the foundation of how it works. Other features can be hyper-specific to your ideals and audience needs.

At COAX Software, we start our full-cycle development journey with Discovery Phase to implement the  functional features your business needs that can maximize the success of your mobile application. Some of the popular travel mobile app features include:

Benefits you get from travel app development

24/7 accessibility

Mobile apps are great for providing support to customers 24/7. This is especially necessary for businesses in the tourism industry, which often have to meet customer expectations efficiently. Round-the-clock response to user needs means customers will trust your business more and choose it over the competition every time.

Better customer support

A one-stop solution for your users and a goldmine for your business. Support your customers instantly through in-app communications. Make it easier for customers to contact you with requests, demands, problems, and everything in one place.

Enhanced customer loyalty

Your customers will likely stick for a long time once they've taken a liking to your native app and choose you over the competition for the convenience it offers. It becomes your brand identity and delivers a great user experience to increase customer loyalty.

Less paperwork

Mobile apps condense loads of data into a single click for both you and your customers. Users can make bookings and payments online, and you get automated reports and relevant user data presented to you in one place to cut down on manual work.

Customizable services

Mobile travel apps are profitable because they can track user data, preferences, and behavior. This means your business can offer special deals to specific customers at the right time and place. You can also utilize your CRM to send out personalized offers and packages.

Effective marketing tool

Travel mobile app development services go beyond functionality. User data collected from mobile apps combined with advanced reporting can remove the guesswork and provide real-time information to make better marketing decisions.

Redefine travel mobile app development for your business with the experts

Our Success stories

Booking service

A global travel agency that serves as a marketplace for re-selling hotel rooms reached out to COAX for turn-key development services. The client needed to build a powerful online platform that could deliver reservations to sellers and buyers in a way that ensured easy re-booking operations.

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The unique platform that combines strong technology with intricate operational abilities. Complex marketplace with all the necessary products for tourists: tickets, tours, accommodation, and transfers.

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FAQs for travel mobile app development services

Who will provide maintenance and support services for my travel app?

At COAX Software, we offer support at every step of your development journey, which also includes maintenance and assistance after delivering your project. In fact, it's better for us to provide maintenance and support because, as the team which developed your app, we will know it better than anyone.

How will Android & iOS users have access to my travel app?

Your users can find and download your travel apps from AppStore (iOS) and Playmarket (Android). Providing publishing on those platforms is a part of our mobile development services, you can leave that to us.

Is it safe to share my idea with your travel app development company?

Keeping your information secure is an unspoken policy at COAX Software. To make things official, we are always prepared to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with our clients.

How to manage a project team who’s working on a travel app?

We assign a project manager for every single project. Our dedicated project managers ensure that you receive the best services. They will answer all your questions regarding travel app development, and design, communicate feedback, and monitor the progress and timely completion of tasks for you.

Can you complete my travel mobile app development with a proper UI/UX?

Design expertise lies at the core of our app development services. Starting from the discovery phase down to development, we keep your preferences and audience needs in mind to create useful and attractive UI/UX designs.

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Travel API integration

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