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With the booming hospitality industry, it's no surprise that the property management system (PMS) has become a must-have for hotels and other hospitality businesses.

With a PMS, you can streamline your operations and stay organized to focus on your customers instead of managing paperwork. But why should you switch to a PMS? What features should you look for when choosing one? And what are its benefits?

We'll answer these questions in this article!

What is a PMS system for hotels?

A property management system (PMS) is a software application that allows you to manage your hotel's daily operations. Its primary purpose in the hospitality sector is to managae the day-to-day running of a lodging establishment such as a hotel, B&B, inn, hostel, or vacation rental. It can help reduce costs, improve guest satisfaction, and increase profits.

A PMS provides a centralized, integrated system for managing your hotel's reservations, accounting, and other administrative activities.

We learned about what is PMS in hotel? Now, we will explain the main features and benefits of PMS.

What are the main features of a Hotel Management System?

The hotel management systems help you manage all aspects of your hotel. Owners and managers can use it to track guests' reservations, check-in times, room status, and more.

The following are some of the main features of a PMS:

Reservation management

A reservation management system is a software tool used to manage reservations for a property or business. The system allows you to track your bookings, whether for rooms in your hotel or other facilities such as conference rooms or meeting spaces. You can also use this software to create calendars and schedules for your employees, so they know when they're working and their responsibilities during those shifts.

Front-Desk operations

The front desk is the hub of any hotel, so it's crucial to have a PMS that can handle all of the information coming in from guests and staff. In addition, the front desk will be the first point of contact for guests when they arrive at your property, so it's important to have an easy-to-use interface that allows employees to process requests quickly while keeping track of each guest's information.

Front desk employees should be able to use **PMS systems for hotels** to do various practical tasks. In particular, the hotel's personnel has to be able to utilize the hotel's software to see and manually update relevant data, such as guest reservations and the availability of individual rooms. The front desk staff should be able to assist visitors with changing rooms and updating their reservation details. Staff should also be able to manually check people in and out and give key cards if necessary.

Inventory management

Your PMS software should help you manage your entire inventory, from room types, amenities, and pricing to inventory levels for each room type. You can also use this feature to generate reports based on specific criteria, such as occupancy rates or revenue generation by room type. In addition, inventory management helps businesses avoid running out of stock unexpectedly because it helps them plan when purchasing from vendors or suppliers so that they won't run out too soon.

Guest booking

A guest booking module allows you to keep track of all your guests' details, including their name, address, and phone number, as well as their room preferences and any special requests they may have. It also lets you track their payment history to know when it's due for renewal or cancellation. This will allow you to avoid losing revenue from cancellations due to late payments from your guests.

Channel management

Channel management enables hotel managers to track their sales channels, such as online booking sites, third-party travel agencies, and corporate sales teams. This feature helps them understand where their business is coming from so they can focus on those areas that generate the most revenue.

Order & Service management

The Order & Service management module allows you to create different orders, such as room service, catering, laundry, and concierge services. It also allows you to create various services for every order, such as room cleaning or laundry. When a guest places an order, the system will automatically send an email notification to the relevant staff so that they can keep track of all orders and service requests submitted by guests. You can also create customer orders, track their demands, and assign staff members to each order. This ensures that no customer has to wait long for an order or service.

Invoice & Payment options

The invoice & payment options feature allows you to record all expenses incurred by your business, such as food costs, labor costs, management fees, etc. You can also set up automatic billing rules so that invoices are automatically generated when certain conditions are met (for example: when an invoice period ends). The invoices can be sent electronically or printed out manually and handed over personally to customers upon check-out.

Reports and analytics

Hotel managers need to know what's going on in their hotel at all times. A PMS provides data on occupancy rates, room rates, revenue breakdowns, and other important metrics. A good PMS allows managers to drill down into the data and view reports for specific dates or periods as well as for individual departments within the hotel.

The software may generate reports on a wide variety of topics, such as hotel occupancy rates over the previous two years or the effectiveness of a particular marketing route. Financial reports, likewise, may be required for bookkeeping, tax reporting, or even just plain old decision-making.

Benefits of hotel Property Management System

PMS systems for hotels help hotels manage guest arrivals and departures, reservations, inventory, employee schedules, accounting, and more. These systems can be integrated with other **property management software for hotels** to provide a complete picture of your business.

You can enjoy the following benefits of using a property management system for hotels:

Improved customer service

With a PMS, you can offer better customer service because you have more information about your guests and their needs. You'll also be able to accommodate special requests from guests more efficiently, and you'll know if you need to send someone over to the room to make repairs or check on something.

Faster bookings

Because property management systems for hotels track all your reservations in one place, it's easier for staff members to locate available rooms at any time, which means faster bookings for guests. As a result, your revenue will increase if you can meet demand by booking rooms faster and more efficiently than competitors who don't use PMS systems.

Better communication with staff members and vendors

With an online database accessible anywhere there's an Internet connection, your PMS allows managers and employees access to the information they need. At the same time, they're on-site or off-site throughout the day. As a result, you may spend less time behind the counter and more time with your visitors by using remote access.

Increased revenue

PMS software for hotels lets you streamline your operations and increase revenue by minimizing pricing, billing, and reservation errors. However, your comprehensive B&B business solution will do more than take reservations and streamline communication; it will also track customer information and provide it in clear, actionable reports. These reporting tools help you take a bird's-eye view of your business and see where you're succeeding or where you might stand to make some changes.

Thanks to the wealth of timely, precise information, you can quickly alter your room prices in response to fluctuations in demand and the proximity of similar properties to maximize your income per booking, no matter the season.

Improved productivity and efficiency

PMS systems allow managers to more effectively manage employee productivity by providing real-time access to the most important information they need to perform their duties. This allows managers to see which employees need assistance quickly, how long it will take them to complete tasks, and when they are available for new assignments.

Reduces administrative mistakes

Hotel property management system provides managers with all the information they need in one convenient place, so employees can track down multiple sources and manually enter data into various systems. With fewer errors in reporting due to human error or lack of information from different sources comes greater accuracy, which leads to better decision-making on behalf of hotel management as well as more satisfied customers.

Easy to use and manage your property

A property management system allows you to easily book rooms, check in guests, and receive payments. You can also track your inventory and keep track of upcoming events. This will enable you to focus more on growing your business instead of spending time on administrative tasks.

Affordable solutions

Many PMS products are reasonably priced because they're designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. Some software companies offer free trial versions so you can test their products before making a purchase decision. A good PMS solution will be cost-effective for any sized hotel or resort business. If you want the best PMS for hotels, you need a complete business solution by COAX Software that provides comprehensive solutions for all your hotel needs.

Things to consider when choosing PMS Software

The PMS is designed with a wide range of features that are very beneficial to the hotel industry, such as:

  • A centralized database of all information related to guest check-ins and check-outs.
  • A centralized booking system.
  • An integrated billing system.
  • A detailed inventory management system.
  • A comprehensive reporting tool that comes with real-time data.
  • An interface with third-party software applications like financial accounting software and payroll systems.
  • Integrated accounting modules for charging, payments, billing, and settlements.

The right PMS software can help you keep track of your business, manage clients and staff, and stay organized. Before you decide to get a PMS system developed for your hotel, take a look at important factors to consider when choosing PMS software.

User interface

A good PMS, should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. This will make it easier for staff members to access the necessary information promptly. The user interface of a property management system should be easy to use so that it can be customized according to your needs. It should allow you to create new databases from scratch or edit existing ones easily without any hassle. The interface should also allow you to customize reports based on your requirements without any issues or complications. The ability to export data per your requirements is another important feature that every good property management system must have.

Security features

The security features of a PMS are essential because they protect your data from unauthorized access, modification, or deletion. Security features include password protection, which restricts unauthorized access to sensitive data stored on your computer. In addition, consider an application firewall, which protects against malware attacks from outside sources, such as hackers who try to gain access through known vulnerabilities in applications like web browsers or email clients.

Effortless coupling with external systems

Your PMS should be able to integrate with other third-party systems, such as accounting software or online booking platforms. This allows you to eliminate manual processes and automate key tasks, making managing your hotel's operations easier. It also helps reduce errors and increase efficiency in data collection and reporting.

A cloud-based approach

Cloud-based solutions offer greater flexibility and scalability than on-premise solutions, meaning you no longer need to purchase expensive hardware or upgrade software when your business grows or changes direction. Cloud computing also reduces upfront costs and minimizes maintenance fees over time.

A Front-Desk with multiple uses

The front desk is the first point of contact for guests, and it must be intuitive and easy to use. The PMS software you choose can handle various tasks, including check-in and check-out, room requests and upgrades, and reservations. It should also support multiple languages and currencies so travellers can easily understand what they're paying for. If you're offering concierge services or have a separate concierge desk in your hotel, your PMS should also be able to track their activities.


You do not want a system that crashes frequently or does not perform well when there is high traffic on your website because this could result in lost revenue and frustration among users who visit your site often. Therefore, before choosing property management software, ensure it offers reliable performance even under heavy load conditions so that it does not crash unexpectedly while visitors browse the website.

Customized PMS software development

You want a PMS system that will meet all your requirements and be user-friendly for staff and customers. The biggest benefit to using custom PMS software is that you can have it developed specifically for your needs to work perfectly with your business model and be tailored to fit your specific workflow and requirements. The best way to do this is to speak with an experienced software development company like COAX Software, who will be able to guide you through the process of creating a custom PMS software system for your hotel.

What's the future of hotel PMS?

The future of the hotel property management system is bright. The PMS market is definitely in a state of flux as we enter 2023. The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and new technology enables hotels to offer more services than ever before. With new technologies and solutions emerging, it's time to take a look at what the future holds for the industry.

PMS for hotel has come a long way since its inception. Initially, it was just a simple way to manage reservations and track customer loyalty programs. Today, hotels can use their PMS systems to manage every aspect of their business operations, from accounting to payroll to building maintenance.

The future of PMS is one in which there are more options for customers to book their rooms. Guests have many choices regarding where they want to stay and how they want to book it.

The modern PMS should be accessible through the cloud and provide extensive reporting, customization, and integration. Hotels that need to modernize their property management systems (PMS) may fail to meet the expectations of their guests and staff, which might result in lost business.

Now is the moment to switch to a cloud-based PMS. If you still need to start using an antiquated, efficient system or relying on pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to manage your business. Investing in a cutting-edge PMS will boost your company, make your employees' lives more accessible, and help you meet (and even surpass) visitor expectations.

PMS for hotel: conclusion

PMS software for hotels has been a boon for the travel and hospitality industry. It helps hotels manage their properties, guests, staff, and vendors. As a result, it allows them to improve their revenue by reducing operational costs, increasing the occupancy rate, and improving customer satisfaction.

With so many benefits, all you need is to choose the right one for your business. COAX Software is one such company that offers customized property management system solutions for hotels.

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