Custom CRM software development services

If you need a system to connect with your leads and clients, automate processes for customer support, marketing, analytics, and make your sales go up, you should opt for CRM development services. Depending on the size of your business, client base, and existing processes, we will propose a specific solution. Do you want to scale in the future? No problem, custom CRM makes it possible to modify the system according to your new business goals.

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COAX specializes in the creation, implementation, migration, and maintenance of innovative and scalable customer relationship management (CRM) systems. By utilizing CRM software solutions, our clients manage customer data and interactions, enjoy a robust workflow within a complex organizational structure, leverage the potential of automation, and manage staff and resource performance.

With CRM development services, we are continually expanding our knowledge and skill set in CRM solutions for a variety of industries and sectors to maximize customer experience and fulfil your business requirements.

CRM Development Services

CRM business process automation

We help to save the valuable time of your employees by automating customer interaction and manual tasks in sales, customer support, and marketing for various industries.

CRM customization

We develop custom solutions that have all functionality of the standard enterprise CRM and are more flexible to accommodate any customer journey or business workflows.

CRM application development for mobile

We have experience in creating a wide range of effective mobile CRM apps. Allow your users to manage tasks, view the calendar, and send messages to customers on the go embrace the power of mobile CRM.

CRM migration

For business growth and scalability, CRM migration can be essential. We can move data from your current to the new CRM system while data integrity is guaranteed.

Cloud-Based CRM services

We create Cloud-Based CRM solutions for a seamless experience, so you can keep your data secure, leverage external systems, an have interactions with customers from any place and device.

Custom CRM development advantages

Customized and light-weight

For high business productivity your CRM needs an out of box solution. With our dedicated team, only the functions you'll use are included, and they're organized according to your operations.

Begin right immediately

Features can be used to their full potential with no training due to the simple and user-friendly design to improve business efficiency and output.

Improved integration

Utilizing third-party APIs for marketing campaign, sales process, and engagement options is the best way to cut development and maintenance costs. Everything is made to fit in with your current procedures, customer lifecycles, and systems.

Applications for Customer Relationship Management

All modules are based on the same database, however they are tailored to each business unit's needs to become the perfect option for customer satisfaction.

System expansion is simple

The quick addition of new features for customer engagement, sales pipeline, and overall digital transformation in response to changing needs is what custom CRM development and your modern business requires.


Leverage savings on development costs and business operations by building the software with only the functional specifications you need, followed by a reduction in long-term operating costs.

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How custom CRM software fits your business needs?

The CRM system is a software solution that adapts to your specific requirements in terms of customer management, company operations management, and achieving a high return on investment (ROI). With a leading team of software developers, we provide CRM software that organizes large amounts of data within a business and then converts it into lucrative interactions. A custom CRM software solution combines all data sources to fulfill customer expectations, with an emphasis on analytical insights while completing sales and forecasting revenue growth.

COAX is a custom software development company devoted to safeguarding your privacy and data, therefore we build highly trustworthy systems based on customer preferences, industry guidelines, and agile methodology. Our clients achieve even more productivity and efficiency when specialist CRM software solutions go the extra mile and are coupled with powerful real-time analytics and mobile capabilities.

COAX CRM software development helps you expand your business by providing:

Lightweight bespoke solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements

Improved workflow by exceeding functionality and scalability.

Increased efficiency, which our clients appreciate.

COAX develops CRM functionalities

Basic characteristics

  • Contacts administration
  • Managing transactions
  • The stages of a contract
  • Task administration
  • Email integration — Reporting

Optional extras

  • Automation — Dashboard(s)
  • Tools for customer service — Analytics
  • Integration of marketing software
  • Integrations with other third-party services

Cost of CRM software

The CRM software industry, according to Gartner, is the fastest growing, with revenues expected to reach $80 billion by 2025. CRM implementation is a strategic choice for most businesses that rely significantly on data and its consequences. So, while every CRM is an investment, the most important consideration is how strategic it is for you. The cost of CRM software varies based on whether it is a pre-built system or a custom solution that a company chooses.

The price is also affected by the CRM's features, but there are a number of additional factors to consider:

  • Function

  • Capacity

  • Maintainability

  • Time to Delivery

  • Security

  • User Experience

Need to create an effective CRM?

Contact our CRM software development company and share with us your idea

How we can start marketplace development:

Develop CRM from scratch

COAX will plan and architect a new CRM tailored for your business

CRM modernization and optimization

Fixing bugs and modernization of existing features and integrations

Support existing marketplace

Application support and Infrastructure support for already working application

Our recent showcases


The unique platform that combines strong technology with intricate operational abilities. Complex marketplace with all the necessary products for tourists: tickets, tours, accommodation, and transfers.

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Webflow web design & development for fintech company

Ratio, a US-based company offering alternate financing options for B2Bs, needed a website to showcase their products and services. We collaborated with them to create a marketing website using Webflow with custom forms, social sharing options, storytelling animations, a blog section, and a content management system.

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Our сlients say

The team followed a clear direction and had an open-minded approach to creating a solution. The standard of the design is of a very high standard with a model that can be clearly presented to all current and future stakeholders.

George Johnson

From the first day, the COAX team established themselves as optimistic. After the guys spent a dozen hours sorting out our problems and never once talked about money, we realized that this team was ready to go the extra mile.

We were finally convinced of the prospects for cooperation when the COAX CTO came to our British office in person with a detailed presentation of the renovation. You will not often find such an approach in the outsourcing development market

Richard Murray

CEO at Antique Ecommerce Marketplace

For almost 10 years now, I’ve enjoyed working with COAX Software on various projects. Their team of highly-talented, cross-functional software engineers and architects helps us meet development timelines quickly and reliably.

Joe Heenan

CEO, Proteineer

I was delighted by COAX Software’s attention to detail and ability to deliver such a complex project. COAX’s team is second to none designing, developing, and deploying websites. I highly recommend COAX to anyone looking for a reliable and talented web development team.

Mason Blake

Co-founder and CTO at Ratio

In working with COAX, we found them to be highly professional and have continued our ongoing relationship and cooperation with COAX on this project thanks to the ongoing support they continue to offer us. We have complete confidence that they will continue to be a responsible development partner.

Ashley Greenfelder

director of the Re:Plan

We really liked working with COAX in the discovery phase very much! The team is great and very professional. By always asking the right questions, it helps guide the process in a clear direction and makes working together very efficient and successful.

Michael Dunphy

Our clients

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How to choose a company for CRM development?

When selecting a company for custom CRM app development, look for the experience of the team of developers in creating custom CRM solutions. Background in developing similar apps for various industries is a good predictor that the team will have a full understanding of your needs and eventually meet your expectations.

Why prefer a custom CRM over pre-made ones?

Custom CRMs have many advantages over pre-made ones. They can be tailored to your specific needs for personalized experiences, so you don't have to pay for pre-made CRMs with a bunch of integrations and features you'll never use. It's also possible to see more detailed analytics, a CRM with advanced customer segmentation is way convenient for you. If you require a special type of automation for your business process, it's also easier to create it in a custom solution.

Can you upgrade an existing CRM?

Yes, our CRM software development services also include upgrading an existing CRM. We will help you to get the latest edition of your software. So you can manage your customer base with a modern tech stack and improve customer data processing, analyze customer behavior, and supercharge your existing business applications with modern solutions in affordable rates.

How much time will a custom CRM software project take to complete?

The timeline of custom CRM software development greatly depends on the scope of the system to develop, the features you want to see, the size of your company and industry specifics. When we learn more about the product to create, we will be able to make a time estimate.

Why should I choose custom CRM development?

Custom CRM development services give you a lot of freedom in the functionality and scalability of the system. You will get just the right solution with features that you really need, automation for routine tasks that take the most time for your employees, and will be able to change many things in the system as time passes. Pre-made CRMs don't provide you with this kind of flexibility.

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