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The client

RoadStr is a social network for car enthusiasts. The network helps users to discover their local car communities, groups, events, and meetups. With this app for car enthusiasts, users can share their geolocation to find nearby drivers and their auto soulmates.

Business challenges to solve

When the client contacted COAX, they had a social network app written in native languages for Android and iOS. The initial problem with the existing application was that it couldn’t be updated with newer mobile device versions. In addition, there were a number of other challenges that had to be resolved before further development could begin. The client also wanted us to make an initial design for the web version of the product.

Roadstr Sign In desktop interface
Roadstr feed desktop interface
Roadstr map desktop interface
Roadstr car selection desktop interface
Roadstr website desktop interface
Roadstr car selection desktop interface
Roadstr website desktop interface
Roadstr website desktop interface

The solution 

First, we redesigned the existing RoadStr app before beginning development. Then, the client wanted us to completely rewrite the mobile application on React Native, which would immediately support cross platforms for mobile devices. 

Next, we started developing the mobile automotive social network along with a new design for the web version. As the final step of the COAX solution, we developed a web version of the application.

Three main functions we developed to improve the existing ecosystem of the social network app were:

  • Roadsharing function. Thanks to this feature, the application allows users to travel with a group of like-minded people and share the experience with friends in real-time. Users can create a route plan, invite friends, and RoadStr will automatically map a convenient route for you. Users can follow each other in real-time and share their routes with other drivers who can enjoy driving the same route with their friends.
  • Marketplace function. With this feature, users can register their local business in RoadStr so that other users will see on the map their shop, car service, etc. Users can also display goods for sale or certain services.
  • Map. Improving this feature from now on helps users to follow the events on the map. Users can find nice places for photos, follow events, and races. Or just enjoy the cruise mode.
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Challenges during the process

During the social net app development, our team faced certain challenges:

  • The initial code required reviewing and improvements: it was difficult to read it and there were no tests written. Another problem was that there was quite a lot of code without a definite purpose for it.
  • Working in a development environment to generate two separate themed apps, including one for motorcycles named RocKr, from one project codebase and its continuous delivery to stores.
  • Huge amount of image optimization through caching.
  • Advanced GPS/Network location management.
  • 200+ API requests.

Some of the feature challenges we had with social network app development included:

  • Mapbox integration via tilesets. 
  • Complicated notification system. About 50 types of pushes + in-app notifications.
  • Dynamic feed with about 10 different post types that work via Mongo <-> ElasticSearch sync.

The result

The client was satisfied with the design of both the mobile application and the web version of the automotive social network. As a result, every planned feature went through development and was launched successfully.

Besides our team's high level of professionalism, one of the most critical aspects of running an efficient project was maintaining good communication, both within the team and with the client. Mutual assistance and openness helped us and RoadStr reach the desired result with the project.

Roadstr Sign Up mobile interface
Roadstr user profile mobile interface
Roadstr vehicles attending mobile interface
Roadstr vehicles group mobile interface
Roadstr other user's profiles mobile interface
Roadstr map with located vehicle mobile interface
Roadstr map with located vehicle mobile interface
Roadstr choose or take photo mobile interface
Roadstr camera app with vehicle mobile interface
Roadstr image editing functionality mobile interface
Roadstr creating an event screen
Roadstr user profile mobile screen
Roadstr user profile mobile screen
Roadstr direct messages mobile screen
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