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Customer profile

Introducing Ratio, a US-based company that specializes in alternative financing for B2B companies. Ratio was looking for a service that could deliver a custom website capable of showcasing its products and services and their benefits while also providing information on its cash advances, payment schedule, and contract purchases. The COAX team collected information from Ratio and conducted a round of research before working with the stakeholders to implement Webflow in order to bring their project to life.

I was delighted by COAX Software’s attention to detail and ability to deliver such a complex project. COAX’s team is second to none designing, developing, and deploying websites. I highly recommend COAX to anyone looking for a reliable and talented web development team.

Mason Blake

Co-founder and CTO at Ratio

The сhallenge

Ratio turned to COAX for their specialized webflow web development to create a solution that would provide a unique customer purchasing experience and flexible payment options to match the cash flow needs of customers.

The task was to design and implement a website with landing pages that followed the design system of the most recently designed Ratio products, including font styles, color palettes, and illustration styles. The challenge was to convey the message about a new player in the Fintech market, showcase its products on separate landing pages, and demonstrate how the product works using animation and visual storytelling. To achieve this, we would need to develop a responsive website that is adaptable to any resolution and operates seamlessly on mobile devices.

The technologies used

Leveraging Webflow development, COAX's team of designers worked together to create a custom website that satisfied Ratio's requirements. The team used a combination of design tools, including Figma for designing and prototyping, Adobe After Effects with Lottie for creating animations, and Webflow for developing the marketing website according to the approved designs and prototypes.

To showcase the workings of Ratio's products quickly, COAX's team went to work creating storyboards and prototypes. COAX also used Adobe After Effects and LottieFiles to produce animations that consume fewer resources than .gif and .mpeg, which improved page loading speeds and search engine rankings.

To ensure that Ratio's team could easily add content to the website, COAX made use of Webflow's CMS collections. This allowed website admins to quickly add content without breaking the design, making the process of onboarding new people with instructions for adding content much more straightforward.

The solution

After the designs were ready, COAX delivered a custom website for Ratio that exceeded expectations due to the outstanding webflow web design implementation.

The website showcased Ratio’s product using a unique design, beautiful animations, and storytelling. The website also promotes Ratio’s high level of trust among users with testimonials from real people. Due to the initial designs, the website had to accommodate the company’s internal needs, such as vacancies, about us, blog, and contact us pages.

The marketing team also needed tools for marketing campaigns, so we designed contact forms that collect information from people interested in Ratio’s products. After the first stage of Webflow website design and development was finished, we committed to supporting and updating Ratio’s pages per their newest updates and marketing needs.

The collaboration between COAX and Ratio's stakeholders ensured the project was delivered on time and to Ratio’s exact specifications. Outsourcing design and web development to a specialized company like COAX saved Ratio hundreds of working hours and company resources.

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Roadstr feed desktop interface

Key features

Custom forms

COAX designed and implemented the ability to quickly create and customize custom forms to gather user information. Ratio needed to collect data from marketing campaigns and product pages into their CRM, and this was the ideal solution for their team.

Social sharing functionality for a blog

Customers need an easy way to share exceptional blog posts written by Ratio’s internal team. That’s why we prepared a custom sticky sidebar that allows for instant content sharing on social media platforms in one click. This method helps boost the virality of Ratio's products.

Animations with storytelling

Ratio needed a way to communicate complex financing processes quickly and transparently. This is where COAX’s design team suggested using animations. Thus we designed and implemented a set of custom animations to better communicate and explain the diverse landscape of Ratio's services. We created a set of animations, the longest of which had a length of 48 seconds, and showed the entire process of using the product throughout a complex finance process. We also made use of native Webflow timing animations to add greater depth and engagement to content


A fully-featured blog has been integrated and set up, allowing the filtering of posts by author and topic. The key feature of the blog is the ability to add and manage new posts easily with no coding skills.

Content management system

COAX integrated an easy-to-use CMS into the Ratio website that is crucial for non-technical people to quickly add, edit, and publish content. It saves a ton of time on support, and customers do not need to ask the development team for small changes.

The results

The COAX design team developed Ratio’s website using Webflow, allowing for a higher level of customization alongside easy support.

During development, the COAX team did not use any third-party services, which lowered costs and allowed the webpage to be independent of services that could stop working or introduce compatibility issues in the future.

The team worked closely with Ratio's stakeholder team to ensure the website's style and product presentation matched their vision. Custom forms were seamlessly embedded into the website, allowing customers to contact the company and describe their product offerings, scheduling of payments, and the possibility of contract purchases.

In conclusion, COAX's expertise in webflow website development, design, and project management ensured a smooth and efficient development process, delivering:

  • Multi-author blog with each author's profile displayed on the website
  • Marketing landing pages designed to meet specific goals
  • Easily customizable product pages that can be updated as products evolve
  • Ability to post open job positions
  • Press page showcasing media coverage highlights
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