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3 years

Client Presentsa New Challenge

Since2010, COAX has gained extensive experience in building custom software applications. Through hard work, COAX has built a reputation for resolving customer problems and creating custom solutions.

One of our clients, CareZapp, came to us with a challenge. The client had an existing SaaS platform but concluded that its current solution no longer fit their needs. The decision was made to update the current system, including replacing old and outdated sensors.

CareZapp provides technology-enabled support systems for at-home care and community care.

Amazing Opportunity

The challenge presented by CareZapp to reimagine their platform and application was a fantastic opportunity for COAX. Working with CareZapp provided us with the possibility of creating a home health support system from the ground up.

The CareZapp technology provides support for the delivery of person-centered health care in a holistic yet integrated method. CareZapp provides an online platform with a companion app to connect patients and caregivers within support networks.

The app provides two-way communication and collaboration tools. It uses insights and encouragement to help patients focus on wellbeing, preventative care, and staying independent. The application works by aggregating data from various connected technologies and sensors to help the patient and caregiver personalize the health care support needed.

CareZapp user profile dashboard

Technology with Advantages

COAX realized that this was an opportunity to build technology that could make a difference in people's lives. The technology-enabled support system could be used for care in patient's homes or healthcare communities. The new app would be built utilizing best-of-breed technologies, ambient sensors, connected devices, and open APIs.

The system collects data, then using intuitive intelligence based on intelligent algorithms and rules engines. The data is processed to predict patient needs or suggest changes to the health care routine. The app produces meaningful alerts, notifications, and insights on a 24/7 basis year-round. Real-time monitoring of patients’ activities include:

CareZapp messenger. Opened private chat with Gary Walker

Dedicated Solutions Created

COAX decided to toss out the old and start developing a new application from scratch. Developers worked to enhance current features and add new ones based on customer feedback. We moved the entire platform from a monolith architecture to microservices. This change enabled a greater ability to scale the app for current use and projected growth.

The COAX solution uses machine learning to automate rule checking. Algorithms include behavior monitoring and alerting to any variations outside the norm. The COAX Team integrated leading third-party technologies within a cloud platform to provide a wide array of aggregated data that can be continually analyzed and compared. COAX delivered a single platform system to monitor everything in one place without using multiple apps or additional methods to communicate with patients.

Value Created with COAX Solution

The custom solution built by COAX to meet the requirements of CareZapp helped change the future of the corporation. The value created by building a custom solution through the COAX Team was delivered immediately and continues to develop a method of exponential growth for CareZapp. The following improvements to the CareZapp bottom line were:

  • The CareZapp business model successfully moved from B2C to a B2B model.
  • The application provided better security, higher quality monitoring systems, and an ability to scale quickly with growth.
  • For patients and family members, the new app created ease of worry, helping to monitor the activity and wellness of people they love.
  • The application created a sense of empowerment and positive outcomes for patients supported by the platform’s services allowing patients to live independently.
  • The new system held greater efficiencies in its delivery systems, allowing patient monitoring and services to be distributed quickly.
CareZapp user profile dashboard
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