Best eCommerce events to visit in Europe this year

Best eCommerce events to visit in Europe this year

Imagine you're holding a C-level position in a retail business boasting over $100M in annual revenue, and suddenly, a crisis hits. Sales are plummeting, consumer confidence is at an all-time low, and inventory is piling up, threatening to convert your warehouses into museums of unsold products. The once steady stream of revenue is now a trickle, throwing your financial forecasts out the window and leaving you scrambling to adjust your strategies. 

Oh wait, that's just part and parcel of the business world, right? We apologize if that's a bit on the nose! 

According to the World Bank's latest report, we have the slowest half-decade of GDP growth in 30 years. So, how you respond to these challenges will either set you on a path to recovery or to further decline.

But as for us, it's a motivational part to move forward. Sometimes, eCommerce events can enormously help you think outside the box and find more opportunities for growth.

Why visit eCommerce events in 2024?

We at COAX have our checklist of answers. Probably, you'll find among them yours!

  • Efficiency. While visiting eCommerce conferences in 2024, you have an old good possibility to ask. Please note that you should not search via Google; rather, clarify the details from the first source. Do you have any issues? Perfect, here you can get the answers immediately without waiting for an email with instructions.
  • Networking. People still need people to move forward, and live meetups like that provide us with actual comfortable conditions to network. For example, it's much easier to break the ice during informal conversations at the conference than get acquainted on LinkedIn. Some soft smiles and smart jokes are an excellent way to be remembered in the community. We are eager to get acquainted live!
  • Primacy. The eCommerce events are great for giving you a head start. Here, you can learn new tips before they become mainstream. Admittedly, it's your chance to be the first to implement new features while other entrepreneurs will try to invent them.
  • Thinking outside the box. Let's be clear: finding the new route without changing the way is hard. Your company is your comfort place for sure. However, inspiration needs new experience. So go and get it at the best B2B ecommerce conferences!  
  • Having fun. And yep, there's nothing to hide – it's one of our favorite parts. Escape from your routine, find potential partners, feel free to brainstorm here with like-minded people, and get your sip of fresh air. 
  • Can’t manage to visit? No problem! Almost every eCommerce summit has online access so that you can reach new insights directly from your comfy sofa. Just book your presence in advance!

Convincingly, you'll say. Therefore, it's hard enough to choose the eCommerce conferences that exactly fit your needs. No worries, we're about to ease your choice.

Top 14 eCommerce events and conferences in 2024

1. Leaders in Logistics Summit 

A must-attend event for anyone involved in the logistics industry. The summit brings together key decision-makers to discuss the latest trends and challenges in logistics. It's enough to glance at the visitor's list to realize that the Leaders in Logistics Summit is a chance to increase your brand awareness widely. No doubt we'll be there!

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 12-13 March 2024

Best fit for: Logistics professionals from all over the globe

Leaders in Logistics homepage

2. Shoptalk Europe 

Shoptalk Europe is a retail and eCommerce conference that brings together Another excellent opportunity to meet the industry's leading innovators is Shoptalk Europe. We appreciate this conference much for speakers from top retailers, brands, and technology companies, networking opportunities, and interactive workshops. Shoptalk Europe is a valuable event that can help you grow your business, so see ya!

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 3-5 June 2024

Best fit for: Marketing professionals, retail executives, and investors

Shoptalk Europe homepage

3. EuroCIS 2024 

EuroCIS is a hotspot for all those who are on their way into the digital future. It's an ideal place for leaders who set the level that others follow. It brings together retailers, brands, and solution providers worldwide to learn about the latest trends and technologies in retail technology. The trade fair is also great for finding new partners and suppliers to help you grow your business.

Where: Düsseldorf, Germany

When: 27-29 February 2024

Best fit for: Retail executives, IT professionals

EuroCIS homepage

4. Digital Food & Beverage 2024 

Mondelez, PepsiCo, Brewdog, Danone, Diageo, Unilever and Mars are going to be there: at Digital Food and Beverage EU. The two-day event may be an excellent investment for you as a retailer. We all have similar challenges, so why not share the expertise in increasing sales?

Where: London, UK

When: 12-13 March 2024

Best fit for: FMCG retailers

Digital Food & Beverage homepage

5. SERP Conf 2024 

The SERP Conf. 2024 promises to bring over 700 guests from four continents. But the most crucial thing is data to hear on it. SEO, SEM, Social, eCommerce, and AI implementation are what you can get on this meetup. Along with new connections from companies such as Google, Ahrefs, Digital Olympus, Growth Skills, eCommerce Europe, and more.

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 18-19 April 2024

Best fit for: Marketologists

SERP Conf homepage

6. Paris Retail Week

Last but not least is Paris Retail Week. It showcases cutting-edge innovations, trends, and technologies by bringing together experts from all aspects of the retail ecosystem. This comprehensive trade fair allows participants to discover the latest developments and facilitates networking and business opportunities.

Where: Paris, France 

When: 17-19 September 2024

Best fit for: C-level in retail

Paris Retail Week homepage

7. Smart Retail Expo

Smart Retail Expo is a premier event in the UK that spotlights innovations and technologies in the retail sector. Explore cutting-edge solutions and connect with industry leaders for a forward-looking retail experience.

Where: United Kingdom

When: 27-28 February 2024

Best fit for: Professionals in the retail industry seeking insights into the latest innovations and technologies

Smart Retail Expo homepage

8. Web eCommerce

Web eCommerce, hosted in Italy, is a significant event for professionals in the eCommerce sector. Immerse yourself in the latest trends, technologies, and solutions, and engage with industry experts for an enriching eCommerce experience.

Where: Bari, Italy

When: 14-15 March 2024

Best fit for: Professionals in the eCommerce industry looking to stay informed about the latest trends and innovations

Web eCommerce homepage

9. eComm Live Conference 2024

eComm Live is a pivotal gathering for eCommerce professionals from Ireland and the UK, providing a platform to stay informed about the latest internet retail trends, connect with top suppliers, and engage with like-minded individuals and businesses.

Where: Belfast, United Kingdom

When: 1-2 May 2024

Best fit for: eCommerce professionals

eComm Live Conference homepage

10. Savant eCommerce Copenhagen 2024

Savant eCommerce Copenhagen 2024, taking place in Copenhagen, offers a platform for eCommerce professionals to explore the latest trends and strategies. Immerse yourself in expert insights, workshops, and networking opportunities for a comprehensive eCommerce experience.

Where: Copenhagen

When: 19-20 March 2024

Best fit for: Senior Executives

Savant eCommerce Copenhagen homepage

11. eTail Germany

eTail Germany, a premier event in Germany, caters to professionals in both eCommerce and retail. Explore the latest strategies, innovations, and industry trends through engaging presentations and interactive sessions for a comprehensive learning experience.

Where: Germany

When: 19-20 March 2024

Best fit for: eCommerce, Marketing & Digital Leaders

eTail Germany homepage

12. Digital Marketing Europe

The Digital Marketing Europe Conference spans two days and features engaging sessions, insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. This conference stands out as the leading international conference for those seeking to grasp the latest techniques and strategies for enhanced marketing outcomes. It's a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders across Europe, learn from over 34 globally recognized experts, stay abreast of emerging trends, and exchange perspectives with fellow attendees during this two-day event. 

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

When: 20-21 March 2024

Best fit for: Marketers, content creators, data analysts, and advertisers

Digital Marketing Europe homepage

13. Balkan eCommerce Summit

Balkan eCommerce, located in the Balkan region, is a key event for eCommerce professionals. Explore trends, technologies, and business strategies in the eCommerce sector while connecting with industry peers for valuable collaboration opportunities.

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 4-5 April 2024

Best fit for: Businesses of all sizes

Balkan eCommerce Summit homepage

14. Netcomm Forum

Netcomm Forum is a notable event in Italy that focuses on eCommerce, digital retail, and technological innovations. Engage with industry experts, attend insightful sessions, and explore the latest trends to elevate your eCommerce strategies.

Where: Milan, Italy

When: 8-9 May 2024

Best fit for: eCommerce and retail professionals

Netcomm Forum homepage

How to prepare for the eCommerce conference?

Attending an eCommerce event or conference can be a game-changer for your business, offering a unique blend of learning, networking, and growth opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, these gatherings can propel your retail business forward. But how do you prepare to extract the maximum value from these events?

Pre-event preparation

  • Define your purpose. Understanding why you're attending will guide your entire experience. Are you there to learn about industry trends, network with potential partners, or find solutions to specific challenges? Your primary purpose will shape your agenda.
  • Establish your budget. Allocate funds for registration, travel, accommodation, and other expenses. Some B2B eCommerce conferences are free to visit; others may cost you up to $2,500. Remember, investing in your growth is crucial, but sticking to your budget is essential to avoid financial strain.
  • Find your niche. Understanding your niche within the eCommerce world will help you tailor your conference experience. Look for sessions and networking opportunities that align with your specific market segment. For example, niche marketplaces offer targeted exposure and unique opportunities. Research if the conference will feature any of these platforms and plan to engage with them.
  • Plan your schedule. Review the eCommerce event schedule in advance and prioritize sessions, workshops, and eCommerce networking events. Allow some flexibility for spontaneous opportunities, but having a plan will ensure you don't miss out on key sessions.
  • Perfect your pitch. You'll meet many people, so having a concise, compelling pitch about your business is vital. Practice your introduction to make a solid first impression.
  • Prepare for follow-up. Plan your strategy for following up with contacts post-conference. Whether through email, social media, or a call, timely follow-up is crucial to cementing valuable connections.

During the eCommerce event

  • Engage actively in sessions and workshops.
  • Network purposefully, keeping your goals in mind.
  • Share your experiences and insights on social media to increase your visibility.

Post-event action

  • Review your notes and materials gathered during the event.
  • Follow up with new contacts within a week of the conference.
  • Implement learned strategies and solutions in your business.

eCommerce events present a golden chance to immerse yourself in the latest trends, innovative technologies, and best practices in the digital marketplace. By preparing thoroughly, you ensure that you gain valuable insights and build meaningful connections that lead to long-term benefits.

Our eCommerce event roadmap for 2024

Now, there's no doubt you should add eCommerce events to your business roadmap. These events offer unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with potential partners, clients, and industry influencers. They serve as a fertile ground for learning, presenting the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the eCommerce sphere. 

Attending these events will significantly enhance your brand visibility, establishing your presence in the competitive market. Furthermore, they provide insights into consumer behavior and evolving market dynamics, enabling businesses to adapt and strategize accordingly.

At COAX, we're always ready to discuss how our tailored eCommerce solutions can help propel your business forward. Our team excels in developing high-performing B2B, B2C, and C2C eCommerce platforms, tailored to meet unique business needs. 

Our eCommerce developers specialize in building essential eCommerce functionalities, including product management, checkout systems, reporting tools, and integrating advanced features like SEO optimization, extensive scalability, and custom reports. We take a comprehensive approach, covering everything from initial development to ongoing support, ensuring your eCommerce infrastructure is robust and efficient.

Let's partner to drive significant changes in the eCommerce landscape together!

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