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Build scalable and performant apps your customers will enjoy.
With Node.js software development is fast, resulting in lightweight, yet highly efficient products.

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Implementing your business idea

Development company

The development company of Node.js should be able to provide you with a cross-platform framework or website that can be quickly extended as the company expands. You will need to find a highly skilled Node.js development company if you need to get not just a standard website, but a powerful tool for your business that will stand out in the market.

Node.js for businesses

Node.js is used by major prestigious companies such as Netflix, Paypal, eBay, Trello to minimize page loading time, achieve lightweight solutions, and handle fast streaming of media. They use the web production of Node.js actively, and why? Practice reveals that Node's websites have strong traffic and are lightweight. In order to achieve various business needs, Node.js is a powerful and detailed system.

Business benefits

It is used for back-end and front-end growth and easily carries massive data requests and constant user requests. COAX Software helps you to turn your attention to the development of Node.js and takes into account its benefits for your project.

Node.js gives you strong pre-built features to quickly launch your app

Why is Node.js for those projects selected as a prior technology? The excellent ecosystem of Node.js for full-stack development, namely the creation of flexible custom applications running on the client and server side.

Senior Developers
Minimum Experience
3 years
Established Node.js Solutions

The experts in Node.js Development

JavaScript fans of COAX Software began playing around with Node.js as soon as they found it in 2010. The tool gave us the long-awaited superpower to use every capability for startups and established companies alike to generate value at scale.

At COAX Software, all the Node powers combine to enable effective web and mobile solutions for your unique company to ensure the best possible results. To help the business gain wider access across various channels, we have learned the art of high-end mobile porting and migration services.

To provide you with high-performance applications, our team of Node.js experts creates stable and adaptable server-side APIs. In designing stable and scalable architectures, our Node developers have extensive expertise, keeping them detailed, well-structured and up-to-date along the way.

Solutions we build with Node.js

Real-Time App Development

With real-time app development using Node JS, you can get a quick transfer of information.

Microservices Development

Implement a dependable and fault-free microservices architecture created by experts.

Rich Portal Development

With Node JS Application Development, you can create a rich portal.

Ecommerce Solutions

We assist in the creation of Node.JS e-commerce applications that are highly dependable, stable, and sensitive.

Social Networking Application

Node JS allows you to create seamless social networking apps for your company.

IoT-Based Application

For a smarter IoT app, use Node JS' advanced technology.

Technologies our Node.js Developers Master

With MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js, our team of top Node.js developers has a high degree of expertise (MEAN stack).

The developers and software architects of COAX Software Node.js are well versed in the development of complex Node.js-based applications that completely fulfill business requirements.

Mongo DB
Angular Js
Express JS
MEAN Stack

Cloud Platforms We Use

In this digital day-and-age, having a website is a necessity. And as the pace of technological innovation quickens, having an app either custom for your employees or for your users its vital to the survival, let alone the success, of your business.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Digital Ocean

Integrate your business

Custom APIs or 3rd party integrations are implemented by our practitioners, covering social networks, payment systems, mapping systems, CRMs and business tools.

Custom API development

We are improving different human capabilities in our projects by integration of new technologies and internal tools.

3rd party integration

The development team of COAX, can integrate virtually any API into your application, including legacy SOAP ones. Our custom integration solutions leave external API calls outside the main request/response flow, ensuring ultimate performance and enriching the necessary 3D party data for web applications, delivering timely results that your users expect.

Why Us


In coding, our development team is accurate and precise, and our QA engineers have zero bug tolerance. We make sure that the final product matches the documentation of the requirements

Post-release support

Our development team will be there even after the project is done to eliminate the problem that could occur within the product.


We can adjust our working hours depending on where you are, to ensure that we overlap with your time zone.

Legal protection

We sign the NDA to ensure that there is no risk of unauthorized use of any project data in order to ensure the confidentiality of our customer information.

Intelectual property rights

All the rights to the software developed by our programmers are 100% owned by the client.

Recognized by the industry

We are proud to be in the Top 20 Companies using Node.js in 2021

What makes us different?

Wide selection of experts

On-site talents, off-site collaborators and top software tools are combined in our network. We will pick tech superstars perfectly suited to the culture, industry and technology of your company

Approach of Hypergrowth

It is not our goal to simply deliver the project. We will help you establish an environment  of hyper-growth around your technology and your brand

Company support from Hillistic

Even the best code is only a component of success. From project managers and strategy consultants to sales and marketing experts, we will provide you with an interdisciplinary team of tech talents

Trurly Agile process

In order to ensure the highest efficiency and transparency of the work of our experts, we take the best principles of an agile approach to software development and extend it to other project areas

Our recent works


Antique e-commerce platform

With 120 thousand monthly visitors (81% of which is organic search traffic), project tops the list of most trusted and influential antique marketplaces in Great Britain. Project specializes in selling antique furniture, jewelry, silver, ceramics, art, and much more.

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TRI Timesheets

The solution significantly improved the overall management of the construction company via time tracking and location tracking.

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Peercents is an online financial tracking application, where users can visualize their economic progress. It can predict the impact of various financial decisions and helps to compare the effect of them.

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Our customers

"They’ve been investigating and building on existing code with great quality"
Andrew Macfarlane
"Their response time stands out"
Anthony Tassone
“Their responsiveness and attention to detail are outstanding”
Eric Detterman

Why we love Node.js


With WebSockets providing open two-way communication networks, Node.js is the perfect technology for developing real-time web apps.

Perform better

Its input/output actions are event-driven and non-blocking, which makes the app lighter and makes it better to run.

Fastest technology

Node.js uses the V8 JavaScript engine, which makes it the fastest website and application technology.

Compatible with multiple platforms

It is multi-platform compatible and can be easily integrated with the latest technologies, such as Angular or React.

Perfectly scalable

It builds on the principle of the event loop, which makes it perfectly scalable.

Handle the heavy traffic

It can handle the heavy traffic of data and users.

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