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Hey our first Account Manager!

COAX Software is waiting for you, especially if we have in common such point:

  • you want to upgrade your skills;
  • you want transparent communication;
  • internal mood in team is very important for you;
  • you can be a teamplayer as well as a leader;
  • sharing knowledge is the key for you too.

Your main future responsibilities as an Account Manager:

Onboarding clients:

Day to day work:

  • Constant communication with clients as a single point of contact;
  • Managing clients workflow;
  • Planning client’s business growth;
  • Committed to grow, develop, and scale the development teams.
  • Involved in account team member evaluation, on-boarding, and induction for new team members.
  • Address employee’s concerns, competencies development, as well as training needs for skills development through the Site Managers or Hiring Managers.
  • Handle client communications and prepare client reports;
  • operational
  • financial 
  • Communicate client agendas to other staff members.
  • Manage CRM-system (or any other place which have all knowledge on account)
  • Case solving & constant client service improvement


  • Create regular reports based on clients servicing;


  • Have scheduled meetings with team members to gather feedback on account
  • Have scheduled meetings with clients to gather feedback on account
  • Prepares aggregated report for each account 

Sales and upscales:

  • Work with sales and marketing teams to prepare presentations and sales pitches; 
  • Upsell products and services for existing clients. 
  • Identifying business opportunities for existing clients


  • Work on knowledge sharing for marketing purpose
  • Help to prepare marketing strategies and proposals for existing client


  • AC is responsible for finance / revenue goals for each account 
  • Monitoring budgets, spending and revenue, and explaining cost factors to clients.


  • Proactively design new processes to optimize the managed service model.
  • Is executor of assigned process 

If this information is interesting for you, let us tell more about some useful tips that you can have after join us:

  • Internal Matrix and Personal Development Plan for every teammate;
  • Switching Project System. If you want to change the project, just tell us;
  • Medical Insurance;
  • Want to work on short-term or long-term projects? We have both types;
  • You will be a part of the team — doesn’t matter if you are on a project or not, to find potential project for you — our responsibility;
  • Parties. We go out every quarter and party on any occasion (if we do not count our pizza-parties or different tastings).

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