Product research and design

The Discovery phase is the foundation of the software development process that prevents major risks like building an undemanded product on the market and helps align with client's expectations.

With a Discovery phase, we de-risk your software investment. This phase helps us to ensure we build a solution that actually satisfies your users’ requirements and solves their problems.


It's the initial stage of product development. Discovery includes a lot of research, elicitation of product requirements, analysis of a target audience and a target market to find out if there's a demand for the product you're trying to build. This stage involves collaboration of Business analysts, UX designers, and Software developers to bring different expertise and achieve the main goals of a Discovery phase: idea validation and resource optimization.

Throughout the Discovery phase, the agency withdraws the following information:

  • Where the client wants to get to (a desired state);

  • What exists today, in terms of systems, tools, and processes (a current state);

  • What we need to know and understand to get the organization to the desired state (a gap).

Design Discovery

Design Discovery is a part of the general Discovery phase. During this stage, UX Designers conduct UX research to explore issues like “who are we designing for?” and “how should we design things?”. It's a complicated process that includes lots of user interviews, competitor analysis, and UI analysis. An artifact of a Design discovery is a documentation with the key findings, benchmarks, and suggestions for measuring the success of product performance.


Documentation helps align all project stakeholders around the project scope and find out what the desired end goal looks like.

Here's how a Discovery Phase looks like at COAX Software:

1. Define Aims

2. Define Scope of Work

3. Create Wireframes

6. Propose Infrastructure

5. Propose Architecture

4. Propose Technologies

7. Define Challenges & Solutions

8. Prepare Estimation

9. Prepare Project Plan

In the end,
you will receive an R&D Report that will contain all sections mentioned below with an R&D summary.


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