Finance software development

The FinTech industry is a challenging field that requires sophisticated architectural solutions and distinct knowledge of technologies. Here at COAX software, we take this challenge and build finance solutions that unlock the potential of businesses and derive valuable data insights.
Let's fuel your fintech project with our extensive expertise in building finance solutions and reliable technologies
  • Trading software. Improve your financial decisions with software powered by sophisticated technologies like Big Data and AI.
  • Online banking software. We build scalable and resilient consumer banking apps for banks and fintech startups.
  • Peer to peer payments software. Create seamless payment experience with custom peer to peer payment software. We'll handle security and speed of transactions.
  • Investment and wealth management software. We create secure finance software based on machine learning and AI algorithms for balanced investment decisions.
  • Insurance CRM. We develop custom insurance CRMs and implement integrations to handle customers and deals.
  • Personal finance software. Our solutions for personal finance software include advanced reporting, balance forecasts, online banking, and more.
Make a change in finance software with a team of fintech experts and savvy software engineers
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See what makes our team a wise choice for building your next fintech solution
  • Proven track record in financial software. For over 10 years, we've been solving complex fintech problems. We applied sophisticated technologies like microservices, machine learning, and Big Data to improve the financial well-being of users all over the world.
  • A considerable expertise in fintech industry. We've participated in finance software projects for mobile banking, investments, payments, and more. Our team's expertise combines a strong business focus and technical skills to create products in demand.
  • High coding standards. Software engineering culture is in our DNA. We boost the local IT community and raise high coding standards within a company and beyond. We also follow international compliance standards and follow Agile methodologies for the most satisfying results.

Other Industries

Real Estate

Adopt, maintain, and integrate the most suitable real estate software solutions that match growing expectations and align with modern industry approaches.


Create travel management systems and booking platforms across different segments.


Boost the efficiency of hospital operations and the effectiveness of treatments by developing high-end software for the most complex projects.


Introduce innovations faster and make data-driven business decisions with quality automotive services.


Streamline your processes to reduce time, costs, and improve productivity.


Streamline your processes to reduce time, costs, and improve productivity.

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