COAX is heading to Stockholm Fintech Week 2024

COAX is heading to Stockholm Fintech Week 2024

The fintech sector is growing at an unprecedented pace, driven by relentless innovation and the global community's eagerness to embrace change. In this dynamic environment, we’re thrilled to take part in one of the industry's most anticipated events — Stockholm Fintech Week 2024

Together with the IT Ukraine Association, we’re on a mission to forge partnerships, exchange expertise, and explore the future of fintech alongside fintech leaders and innovators.

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What's Stockholm Fintech Week all about?

Stockholm Fintech Week has carved its niche as not only the largest fintech gathering in the Nordics but also the most welcoming. It's an event where the entire fintech community, from fresh startups to seasoned experts, comes together under one roof. Each year, the event crafts an agenda that's relevant and pulsates with the latest industry trends and insights.

This year, Stockholm Fintech Week has attracted over 1,200 participants from 600 companies in more than 40 countries. Set to unfold from February 12th to 16th, it promises an engaging platform for exchanging ideas and visions for the future of financial technology.

The week-long event is full of activities, including a two-day conference that covers 10 fintech tracks, complemented by various side events, networking sessions, dinners, and matchmaking opportunities. 

This year, the conference delves into crucial topics such as regulations, embedded finance, PayTech, RegTech, combating financial crime, global fintech trends, impact fintech, Web3, AI in fintech, and cybersecurity. This diverse program ensures there's something of value for everyone, from budding startups to well-established entities in the fintech space.

Beyond the annual week, Stockholm Fintech Week nurtures the fintech community through monthly meetups across the city, keeping the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing alive throughout the year. These gatherings keep the community connected and spotlight fintech companies based in Stockholm, fostering a supportive environment for innovation.

Our participation

As part of the trade mission organized by the IT Ukraine Association and the Kommerskollegium National Board of Trade Sweden, COAX is set to immerse itself in Sweden's vibrant tech ecosystem. Our participation in Stockholm Fintech Week is driven by our commitment to innovation and excellence in the fintech sector. We are eager to contribute to the dialogues that shape the industry's future and to share our insights and experiences in developing solutions that address complex fintech challenges.

Our engagement manager, Khrystyna Chebanenko, will be at the forefront of our delegation, ready to interact with both new and long-standing partners. Her mission is to showcase how COAX's technological prowess can transform startups into successful, high-return businesses.

We're particularly excited about the matchmaking sessions and the opportunity to connect with other attendees. These interactions are crucial for understanding emerging trends, identifying potential partnerships, and exploring new markets.

Our agenda is also packed with visits to some of Stockholm's most innovative tech spaces, including:

  • Kista Science City: Known as Europe's leading ICT cluster, Kista is home to renowned companies and cutting-edge research. Our visit will include introductions to the Urban ICT Arena and insights into the Triple Helix Model of innovation.
  • Stockholm University's AI Department: We'll explore the latest in human-computer interaction, social computing, and mobile computing technologies, focusing on their applications in fintech.
  • Xtactor: This startup presents new communication methods through its smart wristband, promising to inspire practical innovation.
  • SPIDER: We'll explore SPIDER's role in promoting technology for sustainable development goals through collaboration and research.
  • Stockholm Science & Innovation School (SSIS): Head Teacher Pernilla Söderberg will introduce us to the school's unique approach to integrating technology and education, in collaboration with leading IT companies and universities.
  • Kista Mentor Space: A cross-disciplinary space hosted by KTH for students and organizations to collaborate on tech projects, guided by Professor Mark Smith.
  • Intel 5G Innovation Center (5GIC): We’ll discover how Intel and its partners are leveraging 5G, AI, and edge computing to transform business, with insights from specialist Anders Huge.
  • Meeting with the CEO of Stockholm Fintech Association: Our team will engage with leaders from the fintech community, driving innovation and collaboration in Sweden's fintech scene.

Our expertise in fintech

With a focus on developing robust and secure fintech software, COAX incorporates advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to enhance financial decision-making. Our fintech prowess extends to designing bespoke software solutions across various domains 

including online banking, wealth management, and innovative payment systems, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the fast-paced fintech landscape.

Highlighting our fintech expertise, COAX has successfully executed several projects:

  • Ratio: We collaborated with a US-based company specializing in alternative financing. The project involved creating a platform that effectively showcases client services, utilizing Webflow to ensure a seamless user experience. 
  • Peercents: Our team developed an intuitive fintech application aimed at simplifying financial transactions and enhancing user engagement through a user-friendly interface and robust functionality.
  • Taxod: COAX engineered a tax application designed to streamline the tax filing process, integrating complex tax regulations and calculations into an easy-to-use digital solution.
COAX is heading to Stockholm Fintech Week 2024 (2)

See you in Stockholm!

This trip is more than just a business mission. It's a chance for us to be part of a community that's reshaping the world of finance. We're going with open minds, ready to learn, share, and collaborate.

If you're attending the event, we'd love to meet you! Let's discuss how we can collaborate to drive the fintech industry forward.

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