COAX visited Tech Show London and UK-Ukraine Tech Forum

COAX visited Tech Show London and UK-Ukraine Tech Forum

As a powerhouse in full-service software development, COAX can’t sit still when such huge paradigm-shifting opportunities come into action. We’ve been honored to participate in the Tech Show London and UK-Ukraine Tech Forum to share our expertise as an informational and technical partner of the initiative. Whether you are working on the next big app or want to understand what trends will define the IT scene in the future, these events will surely come in handy. 

Tech Show London 2024, which took place from March 6th to Match 7th, is a marvelous chance to bring inspiring technologies together—innovations in AI, big data, cloud computing, and other markets. The next event will be organized on March 12th-13th, 2025. If you want to see how worthwhile and game-changing this experience can be, stay tuned for more insights about the show!

The Tech Show London: Opening doors to new IT horizons

This event was a rollercoaster of expert opinions and ideas. With the expertise of world-renowned scientists, government figures, academics, and seasoned technicians, the Tech Show London can truly feel like the gathering of the Knights of the Round Table — it’s just that the scale is much bigger and more influential.

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Not only is it a chance to exchange your vision with fellow members of the IT community, but it is also a highway to fueling your mind with best practices and recommendations for developing future-proof company plans.

Overall, there were five distinctive discussions attendees of the program could join:

Registering for the following event in 2025 will be worth the effort. Discussing the IT environment’s sustainability, diversity, and changes is something businesses of any scale have to think about today. The scale of the show has already proven how unparalleled its genuine value is:

  • More than 300 exhibitors joined the program to share their insights about successful tech projects. 
  • An unlimited number of ways to improve your business was possible due to the huge contribution of all the event's speakers, partners, guests, and sponsors.
  • Over 200 hours of in-depth discussions and debates about the IT industry’s future showed the power of men and women in the market — a 65% representation of ladies, by the way.
  • Now is the wow moment — the Tech Show London was able to serve the partnership and collaboration purposes of around 15,000 attendees.

Our business development manager, Jonathan Woodhouse, harvested professional benefits of the event to the fullest extent possible — from networking and exchanging ideas with other experts to representing our brand's IT-related vision and gaining insights into new technologies.

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UK-Ukraine Tech Forum’s behind-the-scenes

Of course, this event is just a part of the mind-blowing initiative, trying to bring the expertise and efficiency of two markets together — the United Kingdom and Ukraine. Its core is to fuel academia and industry from these countries with more inspiration and motivation to level up their projects and potential.

No matter how competitive the IT market is in practice, such practices will avoid stagnation and help explore more ways to connect employees, businesses, and governments. Let’s dig into the main objectives of the initiative:

  • Broadening a professional outlook on new technologies and tendencies — with more than 190 participants, including over forty panels representing Ukrainian organizations, this forum was a crucial source of informational power for many businesses. For example, "IT Insights from Ukraine 2023," prepared by ITU CEO Mariia Shevchuk, was one of the event's attractions.
  • Outperforming the former performance barriers — global cooperation of such a scale is a new thing, and merging the capacities of minds and experiences of British and Ukrainian experts will surely start a new IT era. 
  • Trading initiatives between Ukrainian IT companies and brands in the UK — supported by other international organizations like the German Government and the EU, this forum's track is aimed at leveraging the B2B cooperation potential between the markets and introducing new performance standards in the industry.
  • Arranging workshops — one of the key goals is to answer urgent questions and concerns in the market and overcome its limits for reaching next-gen standards of sustainability and efficiency.

As one of the members of the IT Ukraine Association, COAX envisioned the benefits of cross-cultural IT cooperation between B2B and government sectors. Along with the representatives of the Association, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the Department for Business and Trade, we took a deeper insight into expected changes in the workforce, how to maintain the market’s technical sustainability, and what modifications will help keep things in the right order.

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About COAX

Building premium-class solutions doesn’t mean using only a great tech stack. The mission of the COAX team is to show how understanding the target business goals is crucial in outlining the palette of features and capacities of the soon-to-be project. Implementing innovation and empowering performance with automation needs to be combined with project management expertise and an Agile approach to gain a competitive edge over other brands.

Our experts are happy to share our vision of how Agile practices and well-thought-out preparation stages before launching the software development results in surpassing the original expectations tenfold. This includes:

  • Brainstorming—the research and discovery phase is the key. That’s when you go through all the needed conditions and must-have features. The more attentive and open-minded you are, the less likely you are to waste money and redo the project at the near-release stages.
  • In-depth analysis — don’t take your prior experiences for granted. We always encourage our partners and clients to start by collecting the latest data and conducting research before making important project-related decisions. Otherwise, you may keep on wearing pink glasses and miss the big picture of what is really going on in the market.
  • Specifications — we focus on what features you want to get at the end and how your budgeting will meet your plans overall. COAX doesn’t want to compromise quality to quantity. Instead, we do our best to come up with an alternative pack of features that will meet your goal within the budget.
  • Customer-oriented UX and UI design — at forums like this, our task is to showcase that creating a new mobile-friendly solution requires a sophisticated approach. Testing and development efforts may be time-consuming, but they bring the result and help you nail it with the sales and other KPIs you will see during the post-release stage.
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COAX takes pride in producing top-notch results across the markets, and we want to inspire newcomers to do the same in the IT markets or other industries that will benefit from high-end software development processes.

Development prospects of the UK-Ukraine tech collaboration

Don’t be upset if you missed a chance to visit the Tech Forum or Tech Show UK. Other events are going to be no less exciting and appealing for teams who strive to deepen their understanding of how IT technologies work and obtain amazing business development gifts:

  • Viva Tech Conference will be held on 22nd-25th May in Paris, France.
  • The next planned meeting will gather IT enthusiasts in London. If you are searching for investors for your startups, that might be the key event. Leave your schedule free on 10th-14th June.
  • Additional online webinars and in-person seminars can be easily scheduled along the way.

Your future in the market depends on what ideas and technologies you consume as a team. No matter how creative you are, amazing collaboration initiatives can give you a new perspective on AI, data science, and other big trends in the industry. 

With over 240 successful projects in establishing custom web and mobile solutions, our team is excited to help other companies streamline their operational processes and take the most out of technological efficiency. Explore the high-end experience that is perfectly catered to your business objectives — with COAX, you are in the right tech-savvy hands.

Let’s meet in person at the next big event!

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