The UK-Ukraine TechBridge: boating innovation and technology growth in 2024

The UK-Ukraine TechBridge: boating innovation and technology growth in 2024

Eager to drive the evolution of the IT industry in an elevated format? That’s what we are here for. 

COAX has been honored to join the UK-Ukraine TechBridge program, an unbelievable opportunity for anyone interested in joining the technology sector on the best terms.

About the UK-Ukraine TechBridge

What is the UK-Ukraine TechBridge? In a nutshell, this initiative brings together the expertise of the British and Ukrainian technology sectors, unwinding their potential to new horizons. The UK Department of Business and Trade and the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation signed the memorandum for the platform’s launch at Web Summit 2023.

Without a doubt, it is a promising start. With the introduction of this program, technology ecosystems now have a new mutual platform for growth and development. We can’t help but look forward to facilitating cooperative projects it will bring to reality. 

Together with our partners, we will solve ongoing challenges in the IT market and work on future-proof career opportunities. In 2025, the project’s results will be analyzed in detail, and its future resource allocation and development plans will be brought to the spotlight.

UK-Ukraine TechBridge events

Are you ready to introduce modern IT connections with other fields and markets? Our team doesn’t even want to hide our excitement.

Here is great news — the UK-Ukraine TechBridge has already started its work. It will help interested parties dig into new business opportunities. Take a look at the Skills Programme.

Get to know more during one of the planned events:

  • 14 – 15 March — TechBridge Conference in London, the UK;
  • 22 – 25 May — Viva Tech Conference in Paris, France;
  • 10 – 14 June — London Tech Week for investors and innovators, London, the UK;
  • February 2024 — several webinars, including one to discuss the Digital Trade Agreement in more detail.

Key highlights

Among the basic program’s goals is to strengthen Ukraine’s economy and back up the country’s recovery following the imperialistic intrusion of its territories by the russian federation. Another objective is to explore new business and technical opportunities for the UK and all of us in Ukraine, waiting for a magnificent source of practical and theoretical inspiration in the tech sector.

Digital transformation

By supporting Ukraine’s resilience and business cooperation between the countries, this program aims to establish numerous joint products and large-scale projects across the markets. The key is to create a resourceful environment for Ukrainian specialists to gain efficiency, agility, and competitive advantage while boosting the standards of international collaboration and remote team performance.

Online training

The UK-Ukraine TechBridge program will expand the notion of traditional software and IT courses. Enthusiasts will be able to learn from the expertise of renowned companies. 

As one of the honored partners of the program, we strive to showcase the real power of custom software development and prove the efficiency of these services for legal, retail, travel, finance, and other industries. Our team is glad to share our experiences in Quality Assurance, AI tools, and discovery phase research, assisting in reskilling attendees’ career profiles.

New business opportunities

This collaboration is a perfect opportunity for investors to search for innovative projects in the IT industry and increase their revenue. Such commercially-driven partnerships will create a medium for further project upscaling and introducing more potential collaborators, partners, and end users.


This initiative to forge more connections between the British and Ukrainian technology sectors has already been fruitful. Interested parties can deepen their knowledge and enter the industry as newbies thanks to the training packages provided by:

  • COAX
  • AWS
  • VML
  • techUK
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • IT Ukraine Association
  • Deloitte

Thanks to the assistance of COAX’s and SalesForce’s teams, enthusiasts will choose from skill packages to handle real-world IT challenges once the learning curve is over. 

At COAX, we want to guide you through different stages of the SDLC and reveal how to use custom combinations of tools to get amazing results. From Django and Python skills for back-end achievements to mobile app hacks for Android and iOS systems, we follow high industry standards to deliver impressive products. 

Don’t miss the registration for workshops from the UK-Ukraine TechBridge starting in February 2024.

Tech synergy: Uniting UK-Ukraine IT ecosystems for mutual growth

The cooperation of numerous teams from the IT ecosystems of the two countries aims to perform various tasks and advance their innovation and trade tactics. This journey can become a sample of mutually advantageous international partnerships for other nations. The general palette of interests boils down to:

  • Defense tech
  • AI
  • Telecoms
  • Health technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy technology
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • FinTech
  • Defence technology and more

COAX contributes insights into custom software development and mobile app development. Join us in unlocking innovative projects and business possibilities. Trust our experts to guide you through every stage of the software development life cycle, ensuring impressive results with industry-leading standards.

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