9 Credible Reasons To Outsource IT Operations To Ukraine

Outsourcing software development to offshore companies becomes more and more common. There are many locations for outsourcing IT operations, but Ukraine has been literally booming with offered services in the tech industry for recent years, and the country’s $5 billion IT industry keeps fiercely growing. Why is the country so attractive for outsourcing software development? […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages Vs Facebook Instant Articles

Why and when you should try Google AMP or Facebook Instant Articles for your website? Find the answer here.

The Difference Between Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, And Continuous Deployment

Few things are more confusing than vague tech-related jargon. When it comes to DevOps, the phrases Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment might well take the cake.

Understanding The Bitcoin Era

  With all the fracas going on in the past few weeks, it’s likely you’ve at least heard a passing mention of the Bitcoin phenomenon. When Bitcoin futures went live, the investment world went abuzz, and with the price of Bitcoin rising dramatically in the past few months, general interest in the Bitcoin has crept […]

User Testing for Your Website

How to Understand Your Users and Make Your Product Better

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