Reasons and Tips To Outsource Web Development & Design Projects: Get Higher Results With Less Efforts. New Realities After COVID Crisis

Only a few months ago, many companies and large enterprises discussed their perfect strategies for 2020 and made high forecasts for future development. But the situation has changed. Today, due to COVID-19, various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are suffering or even closing. Goods are stuck in ports, a huge number of cities are blocked, […]

The Complete Guide To Web Application Development in 2020: Definition, Stack of Technology, Trends

More than 12 years have passed since Steve Jobs first introduced the idea of web apps “which look and behave exactly like native applications.” In 2020, we can confidently state that web application development has reached its peak of popularity. Actually, the most advanced model of web apps, known as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), […]

What Is Devops and How We Understand It?

You can find a lot of definitions for the “DevOps” term and most of them will be accurate because every IT company tries to implement the meaning in its own unique way. But according to Google’s 2019 Report, one can be affirmed out without any doubt – DevOps become a part of major companies all […]

COAX Software Named Top Developer in Ukraine by Clutch

In the fast-paced world of technology startups, it can seem nearly impossible to market your company as a leading authority in your field. There will always be bigger companies that have seemingly endless resources at their disposal. A surefire way to get your name into the hearts and minds of your ideal customer base is […]

How Chatbots Can Transform Customer Experience

Chatbots are a future of good customer service, whether you believe it or not. These tools help companies access millions of potential customers and efficiently serve them 24/7 without human involvement. Chatbots can transform customer experience and make it more personalized. If the chatbot is programmed well, it provides valuable benefits both to customers and […]

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