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We are looking for a System Administrator to join our COAX team!

Must Have in priority:

  • English (A2 and higher);
  • Linux (working with terminal, basic understanding of main os concepts);
  • Network (basic understanding of Internet protocol suite, layers and main protocols);
  • Basic knowledge of databases and SQL;
  • Understanding of LEMP(LEPP) server architecture;
  • Understanding of main concepts of application development process;  
  • Basic knowledge one of programing language;
  • Basic understanding of virtualisation and containerization(VMWare, VirtualBox, Docker).

Will be an advantage:


  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud, etc);  
  • Experience working with version control services portals (git, GitHub, GitLab); 
  • Experience with configuration management systems (Ansible, Puppet or Chef);
  • Basic knowledge of web server configuration (Nginx, Apache, etc);
  • Basic knowledge of CI/CD tools (Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, TravisCI, GitHub Actions);
  • Basic knowledge of Linux monitoring and log collection tools. 

Main Tasks for the Candidate
Setup and maintain project Infrastrastructure, setup CI/CD process, Project support and monitoring

We offer

  • Modern open-space office for open-minded people;
  • Flexible hours. Adjust your time to work efficiently;
  • Bonuses for extra hours. We will not ask you to work extra hours unless you want to get paid for overtime;
  • Leader’s support and mentoring. Constant guidance through your career, educational activities refunds, and by the way, you will get paid more as you grow;
  • We offer iMac/Mac Mini in the office;
  • We will make sure you will not burn out on a long term project;
  • You will be a part of the team — doesn’t matter if you are on a project or not;
  • Parties. We go out every quarter and party on any occasion;
  • Gaming. Like playing PS4? We have a companion!

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