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Customer Background

Trident Restoration Incorporated is a New York City area construction business that offers a diverse range of services in custom building, restoration and construction projects throughout the city.

The broad array of business specialties include:

Building Large-Scale Housing Projects
Expert Repairs and Restorations

Customer Challenge

Due to its growing size, the business works with many contractors, who can be widespread and across several locations.

The challenge presented by TRI was to find a better solution to tracking employee presence on job sites. Before reaching out to COAX, many contractors completed timesheet reports manually. It became laborious.

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Solution Provided

COAX team was able to automate much of the employee and contractor tracking process and as result, we’ve created a unique TRI system.

Some of the automated functions included:

  • Employee Location Validation
  • Automate Facial Recognition Systems
  • Create a Unique Staff Status Management System
  • Employee Site Assignment
  • Staff Location (on or off-site)
  • Start and Finish Time
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Time Reports
Timarly all projects tab mobile screen
  • Timesheet Processing Automation
  • Automated Check and Search for Worker Presence
  • Self-Acting Intuitive Handling of Manual Errors for Employee Check-ins and Check-outs
  • Compulsory internal binding to establish relationships
  • Clients to Job Sites
  • Job Sites to Workers
  • Foremen to Workers

Custom Deliverables

We developed a custom web application function to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of team and employee management. The application not only meets the needs presented of providing a solution for employee time processing, but it also works as an internal tool for administration, management, and financial departments to more easily create reports.

We were able to integrate the synchronization of timesheets with QuickBooks fully.

Another big milestone, was facing recongition part of mobile app that uses the algorithm that was created using Amazon Recognition, a specified facial recognition system that gave the software the ability to validate which employee was checking in or out of a job site.

As the result, the solution allows:

  • On-demand knowledge of who's working now, who's on the site currently, and the number of employees per location.
  • Integrated facial recognition gives image and GPS location as verification.
  • Instantly know the amount of time a worker has spent on a building site.
  • Create reports detailing the number of hours spent per specialty or job title.
  • Wide contractor management, including:
  • Edit employee time manually in case of errors.
  • Manually close out a timesheet if the worker failed to do so correctly.
  • Approve working specific job hours or overtime hours.
  • Export work hours on building sites to QuickBooks.
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Timarly employee calendar mobile screen
Timarly planned, started, completed projects screen

Outcome for Trident Restoration Inc.

Our expertise has helped our client effectively and accurately control management and hours for more than 100 projects in NYC and other US locations to date. As the company continues to grow, we will push their next projects into the future.

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Why partner with COAX?

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