Alertpoint Security System

A Secure Opportunity

COAX Software had the experience in developing intuitive business applications with high-quality performance and return on investment. Alertpoint Security Systems contacted COAX with a unique opportunity.

Alertpoint came with an outdated system, including connected notifications and unique devices that analyze and monitor security. The program offers 24-hour per day coverage in the buildings, providing a precise analysis of all areas and personnel incidents.

The current security system function monitored the buildings in real-time and would respond quickly when help was needed. What Alertpoint was looking for was an application that could provide total coverage of all employee areas and facilities to provide security.


Security System
3 years
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
UX, UI, Web design, Branding
macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

Development Process

The COAX Design Team accepted the project and walked it through the subsequent phases of the development process:

  • Insight: This included interviews with stakeholders, customers, and the tech team. COAX gained a thorough sense of the needs of Alertpoint. This analysis helps to build a roadmap for product development.
  • Research: COAX took the necessary functions required by the client and researched available applications and algorithms that could be viable solutions.
  • Prototyping: Building prototype models of the software, the client is able to give input into functionality and changes for the final product.
  • Design: Design with modern software involves conceptualizing, implementing, and modeling complex systems.
  • Assets Delivery: This stage includes a final review of software requirements, development, deployment, and testing.

Product Success

COAX delivered to Alertpoint one of the leading location detection security systems available. The app also highlights unique 3D floor plans of your buildings and property. You can use the software to quickly locate and identify panic alerts as they occur and are displayed in real-time. For the user, this allows for clear incident information as well as pictures of the incident.

Value Delivered

  • COAX delivered the product, and Alertpoint had a successful launch to market in 2018.

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