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2020 Armor two mobile screens with games and results
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The client

2020 Armor is a sports technology company creating products that inspire people to fall in love with martial arts and reach their full potential. The company develops hardware and software for martial arts to transform the industry into a mainstream professional sport like soccer.

2020 Armor's flagship product tracks and displays impacts on a vest via a mobile app using scoring from popular video games like Street Fighter. Customers include some of the largest martial arts clubs in the world, Olympians, the casual at-home practitioner, and the newly launched professional martial arts league rooted in the metaverse, the United Battle League.

Business challenges to solve

Before turning to COAX, the client had a taekwondo scoring app written in Unity. However, it couldn’t completely meet modern requirements and appeared to be difficult to maintain.

2020 Armor turned to COAX to remake their taekwondo scoring system and application and add new features. The main challenges our team faced when working on the project were:

1. Represent and save an animated game video showing live data.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to systematically record video using a camera with live animations. Although the video preview shows the layer where the animation was placed, the video is saved without additional layers. Since we are talking about live animations (how they are displayed depends on the data received from the vest), it is impossible to program these animations in advance.

To acquire the animated video as quickly as possible, we opened the camera in View - this live picture from the camera is the background. Then, other UI elements were added on top, which were then animated depending on the type of game and the data received from the vest. In parallel with this, screen recording was deployed. Screen recording allows for saving videos with various live animations. The operation of saving such a video only takes a few seconds. Showing and saving an animated video of a game also allows for displaying live data.

2. The game starts on a vest from the iOS app and collects the game's data from the vest during a game.

To do this, we used Bluetooth Low Energy technology with the built-in Core Bluetooth framework. According to the documentation provided, we could recognize each CB Characteristic and correctly form the data sent to the IoT. Accordingly, the vest also sent data that had to be interpreted and used depending on the game mode.

The Solution

COAX developed an iOS martial arts app that can control the 2020 Armor Vest (the vest with which the application connects) in order to:

This data is then used for the preparation of analytics, with the help of which the users and their coach, parents, and friends can view the progress according to various indicators: reaction, stamina, power, pressure, blocking, quantity of combos, strikes, counters, and others.

In the user profile, you can view the data of all games. For live games, you have access to videos for evaluating the technique of each shot or different behaviors during training with other athletes. Training videos led by Olympians and mental training programs also help to improve martial arts techniques. Additional motivation is provided by the weekly Leaderboard list, based on the number of hits among all taekwondo electronic scoring system users.


Before sketching out the new design we developed wireframes, which facilitated us in adding new features, defining the scope of design work, building user flows, and ensuring that all the screens were considered.

2020 Armor design system with all mobile screens
Style Guide

Every project that wants to be up-to-date goes through a transformation, both in adding new functionality and updating the application according to new standards and technologies. Such changes often require expanding the team and making numerous alterations in both design and development.

One way to alleviate this process is to develop a Style Guide that contains the colour scheme, typography, spacing, icons, imagery, and all the visual language used on your site. It helps stakeholders and the entire team adhere to a single vision and style of the project, that increases development efficiency and productivity.

2020 Armor project colors and typography styles
2020 Armor list of all buttons: large, small primary and small secondary2020 Armor UI Kit
2020 Armor mobile grid and spacing2020 Armor interface icons system
2020 Armor list of primary input fields

Main features

The features we developed for the client’s martial arts app included:

The result

The development of the martial arts app began in the fall of 2021. The app was released in mid-April 2022. Development is still ongoing, and we are adding updates every two weeks.

As a result of our work on the project, 2020 Armor received a modern martial arts electronic scoring system and a stable and user-friendly app.

We are happy that our cooperation and work on the project has helped the client satisfy modern-day standards and other user requirements.

COAX Software is a leading web development service provider, helping you build customized, enterprise-grade, and result-driven web solutions for your business.

2020 Armor mobile app development case study shows that COAX helps companies implement innovative solutions that meet their business needs and address growth challenges.

COAX Software has been an invaluable partner in developing our iOS app for the Taekwondo and Martial Arts Electronic Scoring System. Their highly responsive team had the technical know-how to seamlessly incorporate non-standard features. Despite facing tight crucial deadlines, they worked tirelessly around the clock to deliver the project on time, even accommodating additional feature requests. We are immensely thankful for their hard work, which resulted in exceptional outcomes.

Ali Ghafour

2020 Armor mobile loading screen
2020 Armor mobile sign in screen
2020 Armor mobile create your vest pin screen
2020 Armor mobile single player screen
2020 Armor mobile result statistic screen
2020 Armor mobile game info screen
2020 Armor mobile user stats screen
2020 Armor mobile leaderboard screen
2020 Armor mobile user stats and goals screen
2020 Armor mobile game description screen
2020 Armor mobile academy screen
2020 Armor mobile users physical metrics comparison screen
2020 Armor mobile subscription plans screen
2020 Armor mobile two players game tab screen

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