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Customer relationship management system is an essential part of the development of any business. A custom CRM system helps you keep track of your sales pipeline and make sure all the prospects, leads and customers are managed properly.

Why do businesses fail without CRM?

It’s hard to imagine maintaining your sales funnel without a system, that supports all the unique requirements and features of your business. Why it’s so crucial?

  • Customer service. CRM is beneficial in the operational plane, but it implies the customer experience much more. Customer management tools let you efficiently interact with clients, understand them and provide a high-end service. Keeping a personal and loyal connection with an audience is vital for the company’s success.
  • Solid sales flow. When used correctly, CRM can take your selling pipeline to an entirely new level. The system will ensure you don’t miss any prospects, and assign leads properly. Also, with integrated CRM you can see how customers interact with the content or services you provide. And increase sales through analyzing their behavior, of course.
  • Increased productivity. When you provide a personalized approach combined with well-oiled sales flow, your overall efficiency breaks the bars. High-grade operation and visibility into the selling process let companies increase the profit and prosper.

However, you can only benefit from CRM when it’s used in the right way and goes along with your business needs. Unfortunately, many companies fail to fully utilize the CRM. They suffer time and money losses because their current CRM is not fitting to their needs.

Why custom CRM system is better for business?

In a modern world, business is not a rigid model of operating that stays stable for years. It’s a constantly changing, evolving and improving machine, that cannot exist without testing approaches. Hence, to operate successfully, you’ll need adjusted and flexible CRM functionality.

Many companies rely on off-the-shelf CRM solutions for their business. Yet you may face difficulties with system flexibility, lack of custom features, integration issues and overpriced services. The fact is, you’ll spend much more on a canned CRM than on building a custom one from scratch. Not even talking about how much you can lose due to the lack of customization.

Let’s take a close look at some comprehensive benefits of tailored client management solution


After some time, most businesses discover that growth and evolvement of their company require system modifications. In such a dynamic environment as commerce, functionality adjustments are crucial for keeping up with the growth. Fixings and adjustments of common CRMs like Salesforce can be very expensive. Most likely will cost you more than maintaining your own system.


The CRM system may be complex if your business involves an advanced sales pipeline and sets of processes. Some of the features, especially those that were added or modified, need expert revision and maintenance. When you use customized CRM, software development team provides support services such as subsistence and bug fixing.


Many enterprises, especially in the e-commerce sector, are using multiple marketing channels and communication methods within different platforms. Such companies need seamless integration of their CRM with all the resources.

Tailored functionality

Canned CRM services offer a wide range of features and functionality, but even most stuffed service packages don’t suit every company. Customized management solution will include features you really need and will adjust them according to your requirements.

Data migration

Companies that have already used some kind of CRM often face difficulties when trying to move to another system. It’s complicated to transport huge amounts of information to a new platform. Choosing to build your personal CRM will ensure a painless transition without having to sacrifice valuable data.


SaaS-based systems by default suggest higher data vulnerability than custom-tailored CRMs. Firstly, open-source solutions mean that system code and data can be used for both good and bad purposes since anyone can access the platform. Also, free or freemium-based CRMs include many third-party plugins and implementations, which increases the chances of hacking. With your own CRM, only chosen users will access data and you won’t have any doubts on the system’s safety.


Ultimately, customized CRM is, by all means, a proven solution that offers flexibility. It is business-oriented, designs all the unique features that are essential to the company and ensures security. Also, a tailored customer management system is cost-efficient.

COAX Software has extensive experience in building custom CRM products. We can deliver tailored solutions for your requirements. Contact us now with any questions you have!

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