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Inspiration rules the design process, isn’t it?
COAX Software selected some tasty samples of User Interfaces for you. Swipe down and get the dose of attractive, pretty-looking and inspiring stuff right now.

MediCal Schedule Andrew Mialszygrosz

Medically themed interface which shows calendar schedule. Light shadows, nice colors and beautiful gray shades.

Grav CRM – Dashboard
by Anton Avilov

Wisely used spaces, great colors with bold fonts, a bit overwhelmed with shadows but it works perfectly without them as well.

Smart fridge interface
by Eugene Podgorny

Out of refreshing drinks? Well, this guy has an idea how to solve the problem. Nice bold titles, colors and vivid hues of drinks make an image extremely atmospheric.

Trading platform Stanislav Buynovskiy

Have you seen something that is more complicated than trading GUI? Those who deal with such a kind of design are automatically awesome. Stanislav is one of them.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading
by Marcin Faber

Marcin is definitely one of the persons listed above. The unique combination of blue/dark blue, dark green and yellow play stylish tandem in the Forex Trading design.

Projects Application 1
by Spline One

This design uses principles of Material design. Very clean image and obvious actions. The form follows the function.

Control Center for Automation System
by COAX Software

When task is unique your daily life becomes much more interesting. Providing individual solutions is COAX Software’s feature.

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