Reasons and Tips To Outsource Web Development & Design Projects: Get Higher Results With Less Efforts. New Realities After COVID Crisis

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Only a few months ago, many companies and large enterprises discussed their perfect strategies for 2020 and made high forecasts for future development. But the situation has changed. Today, due to COVID-19, various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are suffering or even closing. Goods are stuck in ports, a huge number of cities are blocked, civil and commercial transport are experiencing great delays, people have lost their jobs, and people have seen their income plummet.

It sounds scary, but that’s no reason to give up. Since crisis require creative solutions, we must have a backup plan. Now, when the “physical” world is literally closed, there are only two options – to transfer your business to online environments or to build an additional online product that will generate passive income. And here, you have perfect reasons to outsource web development to get the desired results in a short period.

So, why do companies outsource and why is it prevalent now?

Why Do You Need To Outsource Web Development?

Of course, new coronavirus threats are growing every day. But we should see the positive side. Your business continues to exist digitally. Having a spare online product, you can easily continue to receive your stable income because of the increase in online activity.

Besides, using outsourcing, you can hire a team that will be ready for remote daily work and the fulfillment of your requirements. Update your business before the global economy starts to “recover.” Since, in this case, the online environment is one of the best solutions that can significantly save you time, effort, and work as a sales booster after this extended quarantine.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing?

Low Price

The main benefit you get by deciding to outsource web development is a significant budget saving. Whether you are hiring a freelance, local or offshore web specialists, this is definitely cheaper than creating your own team of web developers. Depending on your location, you can save between 30% and 80% of your budget.

Access to the Global Talent Pool

Thus, companies can get a large talent pool, as many technology startups have slowed down, and many highly qualified and skilled specialists, including rare ones (for example, data analysts, blockchain specialists, etc.) are open to new jobs. In this way, it will be much easier for you to find the right developers around the world in a short time, as well as at the most attractive prices. So, it’s one of the great reasons to outsource.

The Right Flexibility

Many professional outsourcing companies operate following various flexible software development methodologies. Among them are Scrum, Kanban, etc., where the work is divided into small parts. It means that the hired team can organize work on the project to make the necessary reference points and adjust all the technical staff. So this is another excellent point of the benefits of outsourcing.

Risks and Consequences

The biggest concern that causes many businesses to refuse to outsource web development is uncertainty and risks, mainly associated with a limited level of control. It may seem surprising, but if you choose the right outsourcing company with the correct communication approaches, project management standards, and qualified web developers, your opinion will change significantly.

Best Outsourcing Tips For Your Web and Design Development

Let’s look at the main outsourcing tips that can help avoid mistakes and save you time and effort.

Digitize your offline business

Just try to think about how you can transfer your offline business to the “online plane.” For example, if you have a restaurant, you can create a website with a comprehensive menu and a reservation function, and for emergency cases like quarantine – add the delivery option. If your business is involved in the entertainment sector, you can make a virtual portal to visit attractions, or provide various online courses. If you are interested in sports and education, create virtual classrooms or special online fitness classes with real trainers and precise exercises specifically for home training.

Know your product and target audience

Before you start to outsource web development, write down all your ideas. Stories of unsuccessful products often lead to a lack of competition in the market. When you have a clear understanding of your project, you can focus more on the technologies, innovations, and your requirements when looking for a reliable software service provider. Moreover, you will also protect yourself from incorrect decisions, uncertain performance characteristics, and unrealized business values.

Choose a reliable helping hand

You have to spend time choosing a team that will meet your requirements, so do not give in to the desire to hire the first specialists you contact. Even if they prove to be the right solution, take more time to compare them with others. If you want the company to meet your project goals, find one that specializes in precisely what you desire.

There are many points to consider before choosing. Yes, a quality product and an attractive price can significantly affect your decision. However, this is not all that matters. Pay attention to such indicators as the growth of the supplier company, skills, location, language, or other barriers.

Transparency is important

This is one of the other essential outsourcing tips. Successful outsourcing of web development requires clear communication between the client and the supplier. Both parties should agree on priorities and requirements. If you choose a vendor with transparent approaches, you will find a reliable partner who will fully support the quality of your software product.

Based on Deloitte’s data about the evolution of outsourcing transparency, a proactive approach allows software providers to offer better information and increase efficiency.

Project support

For technological projects, it is good to have a guarantee, and also some support from the supplier after the project is completed. It is best to agree on this before the supplier starts work. Also, having some free support or negotiating discounted prices for future changes can help you save time, money, and other issues in the future.

Build more than just a working relationship

The last of the crucial outsourcing tips. In many cases, we neglect the real importance of personal relationships, directing all our efforts to the project. However, it is crucial to understand that a good relationship can do much more to ensure success than a properly drawn up contract.

Personal relationships based on trust and respect give your remote team additional motivation. Moreover, an open-door policy, where each team member is free to contact you and express themselves, can significantly help to avoid conflicts or mistrust.

To build such a relationship, try to find out about the members of your team, their motivation, and also tell them a little about yourself.

Going Beyond Malicious COVID-19

So, do you still have doubts about why companies outsource?

The benefits of outsourcing are a profitable option, especially if you just created a company. Of course, there are many other aspects to consider during web development. A suitable company and experienced team can provide faster and easier development of your product. Build mutual understanding and ongoing feedback, and both you and your provider will be more likely to succeed and build long-term relationships. Use these outsourcing tips and build a really powerful team and product.

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