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Today, an online presence is a must and an essential prerequisite for any business or startup. This is especially necessary if the organization wants to stand out from the crowd and raise user awareness. In this case, having just a website cannot satisfy all the needs of customers and provide the necessary understanding of the business.

This is where a team of experienced professionals with deep web and mobile application development comes to the rescue.

Maybe you'll be surprised, but based on various sources, mobile app revenues exceeded $365 billion in 2018. Based on a Statista report, mobile apps are expected to generate more than $935 billion in 2023.

Of course finding and hiring high-quality developers can be challenging and time-consuming, but let's discuss some important points that can help you hire an experienced development company.

Where and How to find web and mobile developers

Whether you need to hire an individual developer or a full-service company, you need to be sure they are reliable and trustworthy. Let's take a look at a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Deep research

Before handing over your project to anyone, you need to know where to find the specialists you need. You can start your research with some quality web and mobile development blogs. In most cases, developers who are constantly sharing their experiences are very good at what they do. And you are in the right place. :)

You can browse various companies' listings, for example, on resources such as Clutch, Good Firms, or Appfutura. These platforms help you get complete overview information, including pricing, portfolios, and customer reviews. Alternatively, if you already have code experience, you can also use GitHub to find the professionals you need.

Also, if you want to find a team for short term collaboration, try to search for resources such as Upwork, Guru, or PeoplePerHour. These sites display company or developer experience, previous projects, and performance ratings from the communities' users.


Explore all portfolios.

Try to check out all the work of the company in their profile. Also, ask if they've built apps for your industry or with a similar feature set.

Check if their projects have been successful from a business point of view.

Ask about the customer's business problem and whether it was solved through product development. How did the business benefit from working with this development team? How many downloads and active users do their apps have?

Moreover, don't forget about app ratings. Check out the reviews as they might reveal some interesting and confusing details.

Specialist with "multi" experience

In most cases, each specialist has more than "one" experience when it comes to implementing different functions. Some companies may even specialize in creating certain types of applications.

Once you have a good understanding of the features you want to use in your application, you need to make sure your developer can create them.

This means if you want to create an e-commerce application, you need to look for a company that has exactly the experience of implementing a reliable payment gateway (for example, PayPal/Stripe), well-optimized internal search, and more.

If you do not have the necessary experience, you can ask a potential employee if he knows how to work with this function, and it can be implemented.

Communication as an important aspect

Communication is one of the most important and sometimes overlooked aspects of software development or any job.

Before you release your product, you need to understand that you will have many different discussions to collect requirements, determine the scope, make any necessary changes, and assess the project's progress.

During the review process, evaluate how you feel when talking to your future team. See if they take the time to explain something to you and match their enthusiasm with your ideas. Also, don't forget to identify ways to communicate with them while you work.


When you know these points, you can clearly see what you need to do to find the development team to increase your project income.

You know that a beautiful portfolio speaks for itself, but previous clients have a lot more to say.

Moreover, it is important to understand that an experienced software company can provide not only quality code but also care about the communication and business side of your product.

What Should You Ask?

Continuing on the topic of hiring an app development company, take a look at the list of the most important questions you should ask before choosing.

Company-related questions

Company location? Does she have a local representative?
Tech stack and specialization?
What operating systems did the team create products for?
Where can you check completed app projects?

Team related issues

How many employees work in the office?
What is the structure of the company?
Do the developers have awards or achievements? What are they?
Are the designer, project manager, and business analyst part of the team?

Communication issues‍

What is your and your team's level of English? Are employees free to express their thoughts?
Is (specific time) right for our communication?
How will you communicate during development? What means do you use for this?

Application development issues

What application development methodologies and frameworks does the company use?What coding standards and rules do you follow?
What complex application features have your team already implemented?
How do you test your application?
How do you react and troubleshoot the project?

Agreement issues

Who owns the project materials (code, design, etc.)?
What about payment terms and processes?

Steps To Hire Your Future Software Development Company

Make the exact decision about your budget

Be clear about your budget, list all your requirements and platforms (Android, iOS). Make the exact decision whether you need a freelancer or a good app development company.

Before hiring, make sure the team has enough experience and knowledge to handle the details of your concept and project needs. Moreover, it would be best if you were flexible, but not beyond the range you have set for yourself.

Find an experienced company

Where do you find the right company? These can be various sites like GitHub, online directories, or Clutch. It can be noted that is one of the best sites to find an experienced web and mobile app development organization.

Besides, you can also look at the official developer groups of Google, Facebook, Apple. Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and even Reddit are useful for hiring a full-time developer.

Full check

You need to select and list several companies according to your needs.

How do you choose? Do not look at just years of experience, but also experience in developing applications from your industry.

You can check out portfolios and even test some of their apps to see if they are working. Another reliable way is to check the reviews of customers or users who vouch for the company or developer.

Communication with the company and the team

After evaluating the company and its team, you should contact them personally. This conversation can help you make an important decision. You can learn about their technology, experience, and required skills.

This way, you can make sure that you have found the developers' exact knowledge that you need now. After the interview, you can discuss the terms with each side.

Besides, you need to be aware of any pitfalls in their payment terms, whether they sign an NDA to protect code or not, and do not forget about the app development process, contracts, working style, etc.

Detailed information

It would be best if you clarified everything about the specialists on the team. If you need to hire a designer to develop a UI/UX application, or even a QA tester who can test your product code, you also need to find out more information about these specialists.

Moreover, each team member will carry out their task for which they were hired, and the whole process will be completed without problems.

Hire a team

Finally, it's time to hire a team of the top web and mobile app professionals. Once you find the right command, you can negotiate your nondisclosure agreement to protect your code and terms, then start the whole development process.

Benefits of hiring the best web and mobile development company

  • Save time. Even if you have a brief understanding of your product, chances are it won't take you a month to create a robust solution, so you will have to spend extra time and effort to clearly see and understand what needs to be tweaked or what needs to be added to the project. Thus, any of the companies providing software development or web design services will give the product a competitive advantage and make the most of your money and time in general.
  • Reliable solution. No matter how good your product would be if it doesn't have the best responsive design services available, and no matter how hard you try to get it to work right, if you don't have the right experience, you can't get a reliable solution. It is essential to understand that a good application or website is better suited for business platforms, in which case, you will need to spend a lot of effort and money to get the perfect full-stack development services and a development team that can develop a cool website, where you don't have to worry about various crashes, etc.
  • Faster loading times. Any website built with limited knowledge can never compete as a perfect product with all the plugins and robust tools. However, the website development services offered by professional teams ensure that they provide you with all the features you need to help your project grow significantly.
  • Latest technology and innovation. Many mobile devices today are constantly updating and changing, getting rid of excess baggage. If given the statistics, many users search for websites on their mobile devices, so your website should be compatible with mobile devices. The professional software development company will create a website to use the latest tools and technology.

What is the cost of developing a web or mobile application today?

As we know, the cost of building any application is one of the most popular questions for any entrepreneur or startup. But you need to understand that there is no online calculator that can quickly calculate the exact cost of development. One of the most accurate ways to determine the cost will be to look at existing applications worldwide.

So, first, find and open an application that clearly meets your goals, has a similar complexity, action plan, technology stack, and more, and try to determine the estimated cost of creating the same product. Another reliable method is to calculate "Number of features Х time required to develop Х hourly rate of specialist = final cost."

The standard price for hiring a developer varies from country to country. But you must understand that every developer's hour also depends on his experience, skills, and level of knowledge.

Hiring an experienced application development company will not be difficult for you if you honestly understand what you want from the team, have a ready-made budget plan for your project, and know what abilities you have to transform your application into the real world. And given the availability of a huge number of development organizations worldwide, choosing the right supplier is never an easy task.

Build strong relationships

It is crucial to remember one good rule, that any service should be purchased to work for a long time. When choosing an app development company, look for one that really understands how your business works and has good experience in developing an identical product. Find a reliable development team interested in your project and the results of your collaboration, not just in the development process.

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