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Chatbots are a future of good customer service, whether you believe it or not. These tools help companies access millions of potential customers and efficiently serve them 24/7 without human involvement. Chatbots can transform customer experience and make it more personalized. If the chatbot is programmed well, it provides valuable benefits both to customers and companies.

Despite AI-enabled assistants are considered a new thing, they’re transforming the way businesses interact with their clients right here, right now. Chatbots are already invading e-commerce industry and are considered a long-running trend within this sector.

Speaking facts, more than 85% of companies are expected to use chatbots as their customer service tool until 2020. What do customers think, you will ask? Today, 35% of clients want to see more businesses enabling their own virtual assistants, according to Oracle.

By the way, what is a chatbot?

Chatbots are a programmed software, that can interact and support conversation through a chat interface. You can see chatbots directly on the websites, in the apps, or in messengers like Slack or WhatsApp. Advanced, AI-enabled assistants are able to support various conversational styles, operate a larger volume of data and study through machine learning.

What are the types of chatbots?

Chatbots enhanced far from messenger bots and now can help companies within any industry. You can shop through a bot, receive customer support, keep track of your finances, schedule meetings, and even get health tips.

Shopping chatbots like Sephora ask your preferences and targeted questions to compile a set of personalized recommendations. Later it offers you relevant content like video guides or suggests products based on your interests.

Sephora shopping chatbot

Retail and e-commerce companies can fully grasp the benefits of using chatbots. Retail giant eBay has rolled out a shopping bot that helps clients find wanted products at the desired price. ShopBot communicates in a gentle, friendly manner and collects information about your size and preferences to filter suitable items.

How chatbots can help your customers?

Traceless and relaxed interaction

Today, no one likes to call unknown people and get calls. Especially, if it’s the call from customer service. Whether we want it or not, texting becomes a preferred way of communication because it’s much easier and relaxed. When a customer service staff can make your customer wait for a reply, the chatbot will provide help instantly.

24/7 availability

Humans, even considering how dedicated they could be, need sleep and rest. But chatbots don’t. Probably the main win-win of virtual assistants is that they are available at any time. No sick leaves, bay days or vacations – it functions whenever you want it to.


Apart from sleeping, humans need to get paid. But guess what? Again – chatbots don’t. Essentially, you will need to put up investments to develop, set up and maintain chatbots running. But these expenses are significantly lower than paying compensations to all of your customer service staff.

Integration into the buyer’s journey

Modern chatbots not only answer simple questions, but they can also assist your client to complete an action. Bots recommend products based on a user’s preferences. Ultimately, customers can purchase products directly through the chatbot. This way virtual assistant acts not only as customer service but partly as the sales associate.

More personalization

Apparently, chatbots are able to collect and process information in order to provide a personalized, tailored approach to the customer. Smart assistants can give you tips, offer relevant products or services, remind you about important events and do it in a polite, funny, careful or even cocky way.

Chatbots are better at collecting information

Companies strive to find new ways to ask customers about what they want, and chatbots may just be the right one. When you’re in a chat simulation, the pretense of having a conversation makes it easier for the customer to tell what he or she wants. Chatbots can do it in a favorable manner, just like a good friend’s asking what eggs you like for breakfast: scrambled or poached? It lets assistants form customized recommendations, whether they have to offer content, services, products, or just generally help.

The thing companies should remember about chatbots is that they don’t have to be human-like. They have to help your customers and do it properly. When people get help on time, they come back to you. Properly developed chatbots can automate customer service and bring a spike in customer satisfaction.

Chatbots in information collecting

How to build a chatbot

Creating your own virtual assistant isn’t as difficult as it may seem. First and foremost, you should define the purpose of building a chatbot. In which way should your creation help others? Then, choose the platform to set up your bot. Obviously, your assistant won’t have all the powers of AI and would rather be a simply-built assistant, but sometimes the basic functionality is enough. The most common platforms to create your own chatbot are Facebook, Slack, and Telegram.

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