9 Credible Reasons To Outsource IT Operations To Ukraine

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Outsourcing software development to offshore companies becomes more and more common. There are many locations for outsourcing IT operations, but Ukraine has been literally booming with offered services in the tech industry for recent years, and the country’s $5 billion IT industry keeps fiercely growing. Why is the country so attractive for outsourcing software development? Many persuasive reasons make American and European companies like Panasonic, Google, and Ford hire Ukrainian professionals, and most of them lay far beyond just low prices.

Why hire Ukrainian developers?

Expertise and skills

According to stats, Ukraine is among top-10 countries with the most skilled developers with an average index 91,26%, which is higher than Switzerland and Germany. The country is also the 1st outsourcing market in Eastern Europe according to Outsourcing Journal. The extensive expertise and high proficiency level make Ukrainian developers the best solution for any challenge, no matter how complex the task is. Ukrainian developers are competent in a variety of technologies, including the most popular programming languages such as Java, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. Country’s IT industry offers many other services, including web and mobile development, UI/UX design, testing, R&D services, IT consulting, big data analytics, and much more.

Hot prices

The compelling benefit of hiring Ukrainian development team is having the highest level of skills for a twice lower cost than your local one. The average rate for software development is $24-40 per hour, comparing to $100 or more in the US and Western Europe.

Enormous talent pool

More than 160,000 IT specialists are already running the market, and this number only keeps growing. Every year more than 40,000 university graduates come to supply the industry. To compare, the annual number of tech graduates in Ukraine equals the amount of young IT specialists in Asia and Western Europe.

High-educated specialists

Almost 85% of tech specialists have a university degree. Since there are more than 400 universities and colleges, which provide a very deep and thorough knowledge base, it’s safe to say that graduates already have a deep awareness of the industry. Moreover, they are often practicing as freelancers or interns in the companies.

More than 1000 IT companies and 2000+ startups

The local startups and tech companies keep attracting venture investors and business partners. Startups like Grammarly, Jooble, PetCube, and Readdile are just a few big names in this compelling list, and some of them, like Looksery and Viewdle, were acquired by Snapchat and Google.

Strong tech community

The average Ukrainian IT specialist is 21-29-year-old, which means the tech community involves young, skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic people, who share the same values. Almost all the IT specialists devote tons of time to self-education and development: training, courses, participation in the industry events. There are numerous tech events being held in Ukraine, including Agile Eastern Europe Conference, PyCon Ukraine, iForum, IT Arena, and DEV_Challenge, and 60% of developers regularly attend such events. Another ongoing trend in the Ukrainian IT industry is creating small local communities, like Ivano-Frankivsk Ruby community or IT-Vechornytsi, which engage tech specialists to develop, join interesting events and educational projects. All of these initiatives allow to strengthen Ukrainian tech society and raise professionals.

High level of English proficiency

Nearly 80% of developers have a high command in the English language. The knowledge of language lets Ukrainian specialists easily communicate with their business partners and make quick adjustments.

Western mentality and labor days

Ukrainians are open to communication, dedicated, involved in their projects and rather straightforward when it comes to business. Their work attitude is similar to American and Western European, which means projects are operated quickly, and all the details are clearly outlined. Also, Ukraine has only 11 paid state holidays per year, and most of them do not correlate with American and European.

Perfect time zone

Ukraine is only 1 hour ahead of most of the Western European countries, and 7 hours ahead of the US time. This gives Ukrainian developers a great advantage over other outsourcing locations because when the customers sleep, work gets done. Isn’t it perfect to wake up being provided with all the updates?
After all, Ukrainian developers are loyal to their customers and passionate about the projects. They are not just performers – most likely, ones will bring fresh ideas and quickly understand your needs because of their capability to visualize complex processes. Thanks to the strong IT environment, Ukrainian developers constantly improve their performance and exchange experience. As the country’s GDP reached a 3% increase since 2016, it is the right time to invest in Ukrainian professionals till the market is hot.

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