Sinatra Development

Sinatra Development

For a small-and-flexible approach to writing web applications, Sinatra, the Ruby-based web application framework, is one that sees widespread use amongst some of the world’s biggest players (GitHub, Apple, LinkedIn, the BBC, and many others incorporate Sinatra into their web apps).

Here at COAX Software, we know more than just a little bit about creating stellar web apps ourselves, and can take advantage of its many benefits (speed, flexibility, easy maintenance, etc.) in creating high-performance web applications for you.

Why Sinatra?

Sinatra is what developers refer to as a Domain Specific Language (DSL). Written in Ruby, it provides a method for developers to quickly produce web applications in Ruby without the “weight” associated with a Full Stack Web Development Framework.

Such frameworks, as you might already be aware, provide default structures (like databases) for development. Sinatra, on the other hand, is “lightweight,” and the responsibility of creating app structures, communication, etc. is the purview of the developers themselves. There are no ORM tools, no pre-fab configuration files, not even project folders. The entirety of Sinatra’s codebase is less than 2,000 lines (that’s about 1% of what Rails is).

In short, Sinatra offers the bare minimum, only what you’d consider essential for creating websites, web services, and web apps, and the like, upon which software experts (COAX Soft, in this case) can then work their programming magic with a combination of speed, performance, and flexibility.

All impressive advantages, without a doubt, but to get a better idea of why you might want to use it to meet your goals, let’s take a look at what Sinatra can actually do, shall we?

Services like Beathound, which emails new releases from your favorite musical acts straight to your inbox, make use of Sinatra. Similarly, clever tools like Does Follow (which lets you “keep tabs on who follows whom”) and metaflop (a font creation app) also incorporate Sinatra into their design. It’s simple, yet powerful, and our pros know how to make the most of it.

Why COAX Software?

COAX developers know the advantages of frameworks like Sinatra (sometimes, Rails is overkill, and simpler tools hit the mark much more cleanly). Do you know the advantages of employing COAX Software to handle your heavy lifting?

The benefits are numerous, running the gamut from the ease at which we can assess your needs (and make the appropriate recommendations) to the accuracy and alacrity with which we’ll execute on whatever projects you need completed.

Be sure to drop us a line, and find out more about how we can aid you with your Sinatra development needs, or any other web and mobile services you need tackled.

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