COAX has been developing web applications using Node.js environment for years. A comprehensive experience lets us use Node.js as a fast, valuable and working solution for your application. It delivers high-quality code and is perfect for managing multi-user, large-scaled apps.

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  • Long-term development support

Why Use Node.js?

Being one of the most popular and evolving programming languages, JavaScript has overcome a long and changing path to its current established state. With all the diversity and functionality JavaScript offers today, it’s safe to say the language drastically strengthened over the last years. One of the main downsides of JS stack was the inability to execute code beyond the web browser. That’s where Node.js came into play. It was created as a run-time environment for JavaScript development. It is a non-blocking I/O paradigm that lets you execute JavaScript code both in the web browser and in a separate application.

As Node.js makes it possible to operate in a real-time web application with open stack libraries, it became a must-have solution for large scale enterprises. Giants like Netflix, PayPal, Intel, Twitter, Walmart, GoDaddy, and NASA are just a few on the list of the Node.js fan club. Many companies specifically reworked their code on Node.js to enhance the performance and productivity of their applications. With all of its compelling advantages, the platform plays a crucial role in technology stacks of top-notch enterprises. Actually, what makes Node.js so attractive? Here are some of the most comprehensive benefits the platform has to offer:


Node.js uses a single-threaded architecture which though lets it process multiple connections simultaneously. Its additional features and modules make running Node.js applications fast and extremely efficient.

Maintenance through microservices

One of the obstacles large-scale apps often face is the need for constantly changing and maintaining separate application features. It becomes outrageously burdensome, and with some tools even impossible, to adjust and change particular services within the app. But not in the Node.js case. Thanks to its high scalability, Node.js is a shining star in the world of complex, real-time, fast network applications that are managed by different users.

Node Package Manager

The platform is quite known for an extremely rich, resourceful library stack - Node.js package manager, or NPM. NPM is the most extensive ecosystem of open source libraries available to the developers’ community, which will solve most of your generic issues.

Additionally, Node has a valuable package of in-built modules and allows you to create and use your own. Except for the case of using PCU intensive operations or any blocked resources, Node.js is a win-win solution for real-time application development.

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