4 Ways to Supersize HTML5

Sick of your same old website? Get dynamic by using these top four tools:


Haml (or HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a templating system based on the principle that “markup should be beautiful”. Haml produces dynamic content by both embedding code generating HTML code. But it’s not just for making code pretty, it also accelerates and simplifies template creation – creating code that’s ridiculously clean, readable, and scalable.

Advantages: Haml can be used in a wide range of applications and is adaptable, making it a modern alternative to inline code. It can be used in the command line or in Rails applications and is highly convenient, enhances HTMP, DRY, produces meaningful indentation and clear structure.


A high-performance template engine implemented with JavaScript for node and browsers. Originally created in nodejs, but now implemented in many languages include Python, Ruby, Java and PHP. Jade is focused on enabling quick HTML coding (without XML situps and percent prefixes for tags).

Advantages: Jade is an elegant and straightforward tool that helps streamline HTML templating. Also known for its practicality.


Sass (or Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a CSS extension language which uses indentation to separate code blocks and newline characters into separate rules. It’s known for creating elegant, simplified code which significantly improves on typical CSS styling.

Advantages: Sass simplifies code by avoiding parentheses and semicolons, and incorporates further features not available in simple CSS such as variables, nesting, inline imports, partials, mixins, and inheritance. Sass also works seamlessly with Rails applications.


A PHP micro framework which helps write simple, yet powerful, web applications and APIs. Slim removes extraneous code from a standard html template (closing tags, angle brackets and others), compiles to HTML, and uses indentation for code blocks separation – all with the goal of increasing simplicity and flexibility for easy to maintain templates.

Advantages: Slim is aesthetically pleasing with a minimalist feel. Slim not only reduces extraneous syntax, it creates elegant code without causing it to become cryptic. Emphasis is on configurability, speed and extensibility. Also, it is highly performant and supported by all major frameworks.

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