Go Programming Language

Go is a new programming language that steadily gains popularity in the developer’s community. Backed up by Google, Go is a great solution for quick and efficient web development. Although Go is a young language, COAX software developers have experience and expertise to built high-quality web products using it. What’s more, companies like Uber, Google, Dropbox, Dailymotion Twitch, SendGrid, Medium, and Intel already deploy Go for their software solutions.

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Why use Go?

Golang, or simply Go was launched in 2009 by Google as a faster and more efficient alternative to other languages they have been using at that moment. Basically, Go combines the security features of C++ and the speed of Python, which makes it a rather multitasking tool for web development. Go becomes more popular as it attracts many developers with its simplicity and functionality. Supported with environmental adopting patterns and packages, Go is a multicore programming language with a bright future.

Mostly, Go is used for web development and command-line scripting, but it can also work for front-end development. In terms of speed, ease of use and functionality, Go offers many compelling benefits to web developers, including:

  • Simplicity. Go is considered a language that’s easy to learn and use, so both skilled and not so experienced developers can master it.
  • Quick output. The main purpose of creating this language was faster code processing, so Go lets you get the job done quickly.
  • Concurrency. With multicore functionality, Go is able to run several processes at once, which makes development fast and effective.
  • Standard library. A rich and sophisticated library has enough packages for a smooth development process without disruptions caused by conflicts.
  • Security. When creating this language, developers took C++ security, so code protection goes along with its simplicity.
  • Google support. Let’s not forget the power of Go’s creator. Google doesn’t seem to change its global influence, which leaves the potential for Golang to become a common programming language. It’s already used by Google, Dropbox, Uber, Intel, BBC, and Basecamp, which is a promising start.

Ultimately, Go it gives you flexible and readable code, multicore handling, security and ease of use. Maybe it’s a win-win solution for your next project?

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