Django Development

Django Development

Self-styled as the “web framework of choice for perfectionists with deadlines,” Django is the tool of choice when you need to tackle clean, precise, practical, and often database-driven design.

Why Django?

If you want capable web applications, web application frameworks like Django often factor into the equation. You can think of web frameworks almost like bags of tools that contain the things developers need to get web apps off the ground.

Django, for its part, is written in Python (an interpreted programming language) and considered more feature-rich than many of its peers. That wealth of features is part of what lends Django one of its primary advantages: speed.

Using Django, it’s possible, in some cases, to “take Web applications from concept to launch in a matter of hours.” Developers can concentrate their efforts on writing apps instead of worrying about ancillary matters that might slow down production, making this a prime framework for tight schedules.

Speed isn’t the only thing about Django that developers love, mind you. Security is another thing that comes to mind when people speak the name of this beloved web framework. By design, it helps developers avoid some of the more common security errors, and, on top of that, it’s team responds quickly to patching bugs and vulnerabilities (you can read more about the security aspects of Django here, if you’re interested).

Then there’s the fact that Django is scalable. When traffic demands increase, Django’s “shared-nothing” architecture makes it possible to add whatever hardware you need to handle the heavy load. That’s robust, and one of the many reasons our developers make use of the framework to assist our clients.

Why COAX Software?

Whatever your needs — a new content management system, an extensive social site, or something else entirely — COAX Software can help you address them. We’re all about helping SME businesses and startups succeed, and at the ready to help you see those software goals through from start to finish. Just reach out to get started, and learn more about how COAX Software can put your organization on the right path for success.

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