Client problem

Initially, our clients business used their CRM for tourists that use buses. As their business grew they needed custom forms that weren’t available on the market. Tours were available for purchase but weren’t integrated with the suppliers Operational processes with the tours. Owner of the torus.





2 years




Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Integrations

What we did

Making complicated traveling - simple! Having an extensive expertise in building custom CRMS we ‘ve developed the custom system that enables client to add the orders and track them.

CRM integrated with the suppliers booking system that allowed automatically synchronise the data base. Created own system of booking with own operational tools for drivers, tour guides, tour agents.

Product overview

Unique platform combines strong technology with intricate operational abilities. Create the tour, adjust the rules for booking, destination, affiliates permissions, suppliers permissions, billing rules for each affiliates and suppliers, tax calculation the depends on the region; User can buy the tour and stay updated on it’s status, automatically requests feedback (automatic feedback collection), reservation team tools that allow to view real time statistics and manage orders; incomplete order reminders; view the history.

Product overview

Suppliers ’guides can view tour schedules for specific date(s), can view by name who is going on which tour and track their presence. Departure tracking. Analytics for admins and business owners. Sales (income, tax per each tour/agent/supplier) Info on the buyers - time, date, customer value, location (order history). Comparison on seasons for sales. Cancelation reports. Feedback analytics for each tour. Sources/referrences/organic etc. Internal tool that analyses affiliates profits.

  • Transformation of the system into the complex marketplace with all the necessary products for tourists (tickets, tours, accommodation, transfers)

  • Packages of products (customised)

  • Shopping cart, manage my booking, Multi currency support/ multi payment support

Value delivered
  • Client grew new business that brings up to 40% more in profit

  • 60 affiliates, 20 suppliers

  • Business has grown to be one of the largest tourism operators with 40+ vehicles and a team of 80+ travel professionals.

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