R&D Specialist

Are you a talented R&D Specialist? It’s a great time to join our team! We are constantly growing. There are so many amazing high-quality projects in our hands. There is also an opportunity for YOU to play your part in making the world a better place! Let’s do it together!

You will be working in a team of 3-5 people on world-class projects.The majority of clients are located in the USA, Western European countries. The position will include leading high-quality challenging projects.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of software research methodologies;
  • Understanding of general management and research project management;
  • 2+ years of commercial experience in IT-sphere;
  • Experience in writing technical documentation;
  • Research management skills (setting clear objectives and requirements, managing priorities, tasks triage as of current needs and deadlines);
  • Great attention to details;
  • Communication skills, teamwork experience;
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving skills;
  • Advanced English level.

We Offer

  • Modern open-space office for open-minded people;
  • Flexible hours. Adjust your time to work efficiently;
  • Bonuses for extra hours. We will not ask you to work extra hours unless you want to get paid for overtime;
  • Medical insurance. Treatments and procedures are covered all year long;
  • Leader’s support and mentoring. Constant guidance through your career, educational activities refunds, and by the way, you will get paid more as you grow;
  • We offer iMac/Mac Mini in the office;
  • We will make sure you will not burn out on a long term project;
  • You will be a part of the team – doesn’t matter if you are on a project or not;
  • Parties. We go out every quarter and party on any occasion;
  • Gaming. Like playing PS4? We have a companion!
  • And you know what? We offer even more, let’s discuss it!

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