Reasons and Tips To Outsource Web Development & Design Projects: Get Higher Results With Less Efforts. New Realities After COVID Crisis

Only a few months ago, many companies and large enterprises discussed their perfect strategies for 2020 and made high forecasts for future development. But the situation has changed. Today, due to COVID-19, various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are suffering or even closing. Goods are stuck in ports, a huge number of cities are blocked, […]

How Chatbots Can Transform Customer Experience

Chatbots are a future of good customer service, whether you believe it or not. These tools help companies access millions of potential customers and efficiently serve them 24/7 without human involvement. Chatbots can transform customer experience and make it more personalized. If the chatbot is programmed well, it provides valuable benefits both to customers and […]

4 Reasons Your Big Data Project Will Fail

Big data is a huge buzzword in the tech world. However, it’s not limited to it. Data analysis keeps spreading its influence through more and more industries. Suddenly, everyone realized that properly interpreted information is an extremely valuable business asset. That’s why advanced analytics projects began to boom recently. Hunting for data specialists becomes fiercer. […]

Why you need a custom CRM system

Customer relationship management system is an essential part of the development of any business. A  custom CRM system helps you keep track of your sales pipeline and make sure all the prospects, leads and customers are managed properly. Why do businesses fail without CRM? It’s hard to imagine maintaining your sales funnel without a system, […]

Why You Should Use Ruby On Rails For Your Fintech Project

Although fintech is a rather new industry, the field keeps growing fast. The financial sector is changing and requires modern solutions for payments, investment, online banking and everything that can simplify money operations. Today, fintech startups have the opportunity to create flexible and tailored apps thanks to development companies that provide custom approaches for their […]


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