Level Up: Free Boot Camps by COAX Software

Level Up: Free Boot Camps by COAX Software

If you’re looking for a job and trying to make a career choice, you’ve probably heard something about IT as a promising and rewarding field to work in. Turns out, it really is. The IT industry is a versatile, multifaceted and easy to slide in even for those who have zero experience. Now when we’re done with our inspiring intro, let’s get to the real talk: a project by COAX Software that helps young enthusiasts boost their IT career with the Free Boot Camps.

Details, please?

Starting from April 2018, an Ivano-Frankivsk-based company COAX Software helps participants enhance their IT skills by launching Free Boot Camps for students. JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Design, Python, Quality Assurance and Project Management are just some of the Boot Camp courses available within the project. Classes take place every day from Monday to Friday. We prefer quality over quantity, so students attend classes in small groups. This way, each participant gets attention and proper consultancy. 

Oh, that must be expensive 

Nope! It’s completely free. We believe this approach works for everyone, especially for the ones who hesitate with the job choice or doubt their expertise. For two weeks, you can try yourself not just as an IT-specialist, but also as a team member. At Boot Camp, we create a real teamwork environment, so you get to a genuine experience as close as possible.

Okay, so how do I get there?

Send us an application, and don’t forget to include your most outstanding projects. With the basic knowledge of technology, at least a year of practical experience and Intermediate English, you are welcomed to apply for any Boot Camp course available! The next steps look like this:

  • Sending an application
  • Completing a test task
  • Interview

Once you pass all the stages, congrats – you’re in!

Usually, one course involves 6 students and 2 weeks of intensive and productive training, where participants will work on the final team project.

And what’s next?

After the Boot Camp, each student receives a course completion certificate and a chance to work in a desired IT company. The best students will get job offers from COAX Software

Is it hard to get in?

We won’t say it’s easy, but it’s a great challenge. From 44 applicants, only 4 became the students of our last Boot Camp. The previous semester, we had 179 applications and 28 final participants.

Michael Push, Ruby Boot Camp participant:
«What is the difference? You feel like home. A small group makes it possible to communicate directly with the teacher. A practical part is a great option which often does not happen in other courses.»

It sounds like a challenge 

Just do it! We encourage you to apply if you’re ready to learn, grow professionally, and be a great part of Free COAX Software Boot Camps in Ukraine.

Deal! Where can I sign up?

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UPD: Free COAX Ruby Boot Camp

Free COAX Node.js Boot Camp

Free COAX Quality Assurance Boot Camp

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